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September 15, 2011


john in cheshire

They should be castrated, branded and deported.


An eye for an eye.

Castrated, branded, and enslaved. That is what mozlems have always done to us, until El Cid, Jan Sobieski, Charles Martell et al put them to the sword. It is the only language the mozlem scum understand.

daniel noe

The "they can't handle alcohol-availability" thing is probably just their lawyers grasping at straws. I don't see any reason to treat this as anything more than two isolated events involving derenged individuals, not a pattern of a larger race-religion issue.


stupid muslims


this is terrible! I believe that the man who beats a woman worse than an animal


Maybe we should ban all Muslims can cope in our society? Hahaha poor Muslims can't cope........fuck off to your own shit hole, so you can!

112 Jew

shaunantijihad: Tell the missus I said baaa

Mohammed raped people, along with his warriors. One example is when his muhajeen (holy goat-fuckers) came to him after killing a pregnant woman shouting "Allu ackbar". Me-ham-head said unto them "two goats would not cross horns for this woman", which means no one gives a shit.

These muzzy scum are simply copying what their fake prophet of g-d (real prophet of appolyon, the destroyer) did, so it is precisely a religious thing. If muslims were a race then that too, but since you insist on calling them that, I'll propose a name for your imaginary race. How about the goat-fuckaneese?

I suppose you might say the rape is a cultural thing too, if islam wasn't the anti-thesis of culture.

Philip Smeeton

Religious rape is not regarded to be a crime by Muslims, all non-Muslim women are whores. Rape is a war strategy, in case you didn't notice, Islam is at war with us.

pharmacy one

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