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June 14, 2011


john in cheshire

As I have said before, the only good muslim is a dead muslim.

cj the patirot

deal with the fuckers like ratko did!!!!


islam is devils religion and muslims are devils associates!!!

No wonder they need special religious police to control their behaviers in their home country!!!!and thats why the majority of non muslims hate them.... they are cowards,ignorant,don't know behave properly,even praying 5 times a day,never respect others -non muslims (because,they think they're the supreme being because of their religion),can sacrifice others(non muslims)because muslim thinks their're going to heaven(sick superstitious!!!),thinks morally high but the fact is their're the worst people or tribe on earth.....this world will be safe and peaceful if just this islam and muslims don't exist!!!!!!!!!


cj the patirot: Don't be fooled old chap, England is about to become the devil's associate too. Now that mussizes have uk, France, and Rome, they've got all hell under one roof, in the UN.

Your only protection right now is to understand the book that predicted these cultists of appolyon (allah, in arabic) beg yahweh (its pronounced yah-ou-weh) to teach you his laws, and recoije in them and fear them.

Thing is, Islam only got one prophesy right (unless you consider me-ham-head predicting that a fully function roman empire would win another battle, which it did, on several occasions). That is their mahdi, the islamic saviour, and only because he was predicted in the good book as the anti-christ. Yes, I know, religious this and that, but religion is satan's cloth, and nobody fought religion more than Yashua.

They are gonna take over, that's been predicted, and even though what happens to them next makes it worth it all (BBQ night) you better choose a spirit and fast, because you only got 22 years before the numbers are tallied, and I guarantee you, the spirit of destruction would love a new sex-slave.

Remember, Yashua/Yahweh never once ever said they love everyone. They love the world, but they know it'd do great without muzzies. Don't be one of the many that get their souls destroyed (alternative to working for them is to do nothing, and you don't get tortured forever, but you don't get anything, like camping out with yahweh forever, which is way cooler than its sounds).

IF all England (referring to actual brittish, not the goat-fuckaneese, a newly created race for the purpose of fighting islamoloatheia) abandonned religion, and turned to the teachings of yashua, this would all end, right now, no trouble. Unfortunately, its too far gone, but bringing one person to truth will save your soul, (though souls that work for their salvation get destroyed, to be noted) or even just fighting for it.

The atheists and humanists will accept islam completely. After all, it speaks about the rights of the group, which an ultra-elitist decides is good for "everyone".

Know your allies. Bless Israel and you will be blessed in the same way. Have lots of babies and work hard, and you will be greatly blessed. Fight for truth, and you will be saved.

Its only us bible hugging wackos that care about england enough to do something anymore, so figure out why (not hard), and support your friends, as we do you.


redirect previous comment to heck!!!

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