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March 23, 2011


Stephen Gash

The new religion of the West, Supinity.


Then why doesn't the muslim community as a whole get together and find out who did this and hand them over to the police?
Stop making excuses for them!!!


Just remember, islam has never apologized for the events of 9-11, London and Moscow Metro bombings, murder of a 5 year old in a playground in the Ukraine in the name of islam, Fort Hood shootings, Beslan Massacre, Bali bombings, Mumbai massacre, Madrid bombings, murder of Christians in Pakistan and Nigeria, murder of a Russian Orthodox Priest in Moscow, murder of a Pentecostal preacher in Dagestan, and so on... BE REST TO ASSURE, ISLAM WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE TO THIS.

Lewis b.

Britain is doomed!

"For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing." Edmund Burke


The British people are phlegmatic by nature but once aroused capable of anything.

Like a kettle of water, they takes a while to warm up but the steam when they reach boiling point!

A civil war may be on the horizon and the politicians will be the first to go down.


Like "Pat Condell"with his thank God for Andy
Choudary I'm delighted by this piece of vandalism;because it gives a clear window as
to the diseased minds of Mohammedans.
Their puerile quasi criminal behaviour shoots
foot and endorses their leper image.
Desecration of a war memorial will awake
The apathetic from their complacency.

David, Thailand

We deserve the consequences of our complacency.

Future generations will scratch their heads in disbelieve that ours, the most advanced civilisation ever, so willingly capitulated to a backward, dustbowl ideology.

jimmy crack corn

Aint that the fuckin truth !

hissing sid

I say we respond in kind, spray paint its readly avaliable and mosques are everywhere


Britain needs to wake up!islam will take over in this country because the British are sleep walking into oblivion.When I speak to people about the dangers of islam to the world as a whole,the majority look at me as if I'm mad-no,you need to wake up!

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