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March 24, 2011


Biff Henderson

Even if a "maid" was recognized by their Muhammadian sponsor as an Arabized Muslimah before they went to Lebanon, the fact they were unescorted by an immediate male family member branded them as unfit for the normal considerstions and couresty afforded women with this protector. A slave can be a Muslim, and releasing one from bondage will give you favor in Paradise, but it is not mandated in Political Islam like death for "apostates", or as Roland Shirk like to label them, "escapees" from the reach of Sharia Law. Were de facto Sharia Law is in practice the only chance at survival is submission or escape. No matter what path they follow there are no guarrantees they will avoid brutalization and/or death. If the norms in a society permit it without penalty, and these norms have a religious chapter and verse justification to put another soul under that yoke, individuals, and society as a whole, have little inducement for change. The Inner Jihad that would allow for this change is left up to the individual. The bottom line is that most choose, with the blessing of Sharia Law, advantage in this world over reward in the afterlife. There is no guarrantee in the fatalistic mindset of Muhammadians that they will end up in Paradise. g-d willing. The same strictures that bind their choices without sanction in this world in other areas tend to have them exploit those it allows.

M Rob

No one in their right mind should ever travel to a Muslim country for any reason.


That's why workers in Asia and Africa need to be educated about this depraved epidemic. Unfortunatly, all They're given are empty promises. I wouldn't be surprised if the agencies had a willing hand in this as well.

The embassies are to blame too, since they make it extremely hard to leave the country without a passport. So many lives could've been saved if it wasn't for freaking beurocracy!


Excellent points Biff, but you omitted a couple:
1. Arab Muslims have always considered non-Arabs as inferior Muslims (the Koran calls non-Arabs "Barbarians"!), thus facilitating their superiority complex and consequent ease with which they mis-treat their unguarded female employees - whom you rightly point out they think of as quasi-slaves.
(of course the condition of any non-Muslim woman is vastly worse since she will be regarded as "ghanima" ie spoils of war.)*
2. A Mussalmam does have a guarantee of paradise. He just has to die whilst murdering kuffars to achieve it.

*When discussing this sort of thing, I'm always reminded of the Hadith (Bukhari, Vol.4, Bk 52, No.276) where the Muslims, on seeing non-muslim women running AWAY from a battle (ie they were seeing their backs) with their clothes lifted up somewhat cried out (quote) "The booty! O people, the booty!"
Those Mussalmen certainly lusted after booty!!

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