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February 21, 2011


john in cheshire

It's a good thing you continue to bring these attacks to our attention because otherwise people like me would never find out about them.


It seems that the Muslims in the UK are feeling every more confident about indulging in "sword-Jihad" (Jihad bis saif) against the indegenes.
As yet they cannot (always) do so with impunity (though being Muslim has been used as mitigation in some cases afaik), but they clearly believe that the UK Muslims need have no fear of a widespread backlash against their Jihad.

They might be wrong in that assumption.

an EDL buck

Whats the betting that if these attacks, street "war", rape of their young daughters etc, had happened to the muslim population, the lame stream media would be screaming blue bloody murder? Sometimes I wonder why I pay my license fee!


EDL buck: Well OF COURSE the MSM (or LSM) would scream "Islamophic/ racist attacks" and be agonising about these things being present in white (especially "working class" - read "Chav") society. And wondering if this was part of the mythical anti-Islamic "backlash" that is falsely prophesied every time Islamic terrorists(attempt to) commit mass murder.
But since this Country's leaders and press have generally adopted a "three monkeys" attitude(hear, see and speak none of the evils)about Islam, what do you expect?
After all, this attitude is the PC dhimmi attitude isn't it, that must be adopted to meet the MultiKulti agenda that demands only the indiginous society may be criticised.
To be fair, a number of Western leaders have tested the waters of anti-Multi-Kulti ideas recently. Let us all hope it is not too little, too late.

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