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January 29, 2011


john in cheshire

Am I surprised at what this poor woman has reported? No. Will anything be done about it? Again, no.
Thank you for providing a forum for this kind of evidence of what is being done to us by muslim immigrants.


john in cheshire

Thank you for your comments - always appreciated.

Unfortunately, you are right about any action being taken in response to this expose.


An excellent article. Her words chime strongly with the tales I've heard from a number of acquaintances who've moved out of one of our well-known northern cities. I've had personal experience of the same sort of behaviour too. I'm not surprised that she chose to remain anonymous, for if she did not, the Left would doubtless be tarring her with the 'racism' brush.


Being in the situation wherein we wanted that our voices be heard, it is a matter of courage. This is a strong social and cultural issue that has to be addressed to all. this will cause awareness to all of us that we have to exercise the right bestowed to us.

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