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January 10, 2011



Oh yes, here we hear that rarest of rarities, total honesty from a Muslim!
(I'm glad I don't have a weak heart, lest the shock kill me.)

"our dawa should attack their system (democracy, liberty etc) and replace it with Islam."
In other words Islam is inimical to western civilisation.

"you need to provoke society for the society to be changed ... by attacking law and order."
A clear call to Muslims to engage in lawlessness.

"today people worship the ideas of democracy, freedom, capitalism. ... Who allows these false gods to exist? The government, the law and order."
Therefore, the government and the rule of law should be attacked.

"He [Mohammed] went inside these [non-Muslim] areas and he ...went and destroyed them, kill them, chop their heads off, behead them."
A clear call for muslims to murder non-Muslims since the tense becomes present not past (you will need to listen carefully to this part to notice this, the caption is WRONG).

"That's why we need to behead democracy...capitalism from its roots, take it, kill it. We should hate it so much that every day we should attack their system, we should destroy all their system and replace it with Islam."
A call to hate the west and attack it on a daily basis, caste in terms of killing (murder).

"Today we can't go around slapping every woman, hitting every woman... we're not allowed to do that."
How sad, you can't beat up women the way you'd like to and the way the Koran says to in K4:34!

"we need to turn around and attack society, we need to attack the man-made law, the man-made system we live under today."
Another call to attack (western) society and its rule-of-law.

"We need to attack the leaders,Dauod Kamroon [David Cameron], we need to attack him."
An incitement to assault or murder the UK PM.

"We need to say 'your laws are oppressive', we need to replace those laws with Islam."
Or: 'be reasonable and do what I want and I MIGHT let you live, dhimmi.'
This speech is one long incitement to violence against non-Muslim society and it is also an open call for Muslims to attack PM David Cameron personally.
It is available, openly and clearly; but will this person be arrested and tried for his incitement?
I doubt it.


He's convinced me, I am converting to Islam, the rest of you can suck my cock


All Muslims are terrorists, because their "religion" commands them to murder, intimidate and strike fear into the hearts of the infidels.

MUSLIMS can f*ck off. You will never steal our lands or destroy our governments.

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