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January 11, 2011


Curtis Johnson Realty

This is indeed an alarming issue all over the world. There are restrictions on the part of Muslim men targeting Muslim girls but it is just okay for them to target white girls. This is both a racial and religious issue that has to be given enough attention. There are still monsters out there aside from Muslim that targeted young women as sex slaves or to be abused. We really need to have a tight judicial or legislative laws and ordinances to protect these women.


Well we all know who their role model is, don't we?

Italy: Mohammed called a paedophile in TV spat.


The problem is muslims raise their daughters to be pure and decent but english raise their's to be tarts and whores, when the the cunts on heat lie about their age this sort of thing happens

Peter Albrighton

Pakistani and Bangladeshi youths are taught by their older peers on how to seduce underage girls of other religions (christian, hindu, sikh) in order to convert them to Islam, they are taught that they will be given a guaranteed place in heaven for doing so.

It overrides all other moral arguments in their heads, most people would be stopped by their conscience but if you believe the almighty wants it then there are no barriers.

Their older peers even facilitate their activities, for example their father will lend them his BMW/mercedes in order to give them more chance of success.

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