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January 29, 2011


john in cheshire

This is the same entity, I believe who killed someone while driving and using his phone. And only served a few weeks in prison. No sense of shame or remorse from him. It is the same 'person' who threatened to have 10,000 muslims on the streets of London if Geert Wilders was invited to speak in the Houses of Parliament. In my opinion not only should he not be in our centre of Government, he should not be living amongst us normal people. Let him go a live with is beloved muslims in some other country.

d reynold

what a wanker..... an hes a peer....fuck off back to pakistan ply your evil shit to your own people...


What makes me angry is that idiots like this have the priviledge of having Lord added to their name. And this tool should have been expelled from the country after he caused that fatal accident, texting while driving.

Neil Geddes

Don`t talk Bollocks you tosser and fuck off back to your shit hole of a country and slit your throat.


Another apologist looking to justify the actions of the pakistani filth. Don't like us Brits? Then get the hell out of our country or we will kick your sorry arses back to the flee pit you originate from and where you truly belong.

an EDL buck

This excrable excuse for a man blames our GIRLS for getting gang raped by moo-slim peadophille gangs!?! does he have any daughters cause the sight of a hijab turns me into a raving lust monster! But seriously, how would he like it if it was HIS underage girl/s getting gang raped by a gang of kufar? You can pretty much guess hed NOT blame our "unhappy marriages", he should STFU AND FO!

No Muslim slave

So he's basically admitting there's something wrong with the ages-old MUSLIM practice of forcing people to marry and have sex with strangers whom they don't love, i.e., "arranged marriages?"

Okay, so let's ban arranged marriages! That should put an end to Muslim immigration right there.


If ever this country is to survive from muslim's take over of our country, then we MUST castrate all muslims boys at birth.Then we would not have likes of him here. Period.

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