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January 23, 2011


john in cheshire

muslims are just bags of defective seed.


My question is. Where are thr British men? Why is this happening in a once great country?


Why were ANY of them granted bail??????

What kind of fruitloop magistrates do you have there?

M Rob

These Koranimials should not have been granted bail - this is a disgrace. England is now just the 58th Islamic State.


Englishmen have been cowed and indoctrinated by decades of radical feminism and political correctness, knowing full well the draconian effects any violations will destroy his life. The expat Brits I talk to here in SE Asia tell that the country "abandoned THEM" and they just don't care anymore.


The problem english raise their daughters to be tarts


Jules, " The problem english raise their daughters to be tarts" How very true, I see English girls who lack manners, decency and morality,not all but vast majority, any wonder they become prey to these muslim men.Non-muslims of UK have to wake up before its too late,or it is already too late?


mohomed should be exiled forever , in the year 600 , he is a fake an deciver

Diane Blake

'Raise their daughter to be tarts' OMG are you for real. The youngest was 2 and a half years old!!!!! what on earth could she have been taught. Paedophiles is what they are meaning against CHILDREN. So are all those children in Afghan etc raised as tarts because these men choose to abuse them. Get a grip and read things properly and use a small part of your uneducated brain to have compassion and empathy.


Yes there you go they are tarts and deserve to be raped is that what you are saying? Well, evidence is that raping children in Islamic countries is more rife so that would make Islamic little girls and boys...what...bigger tarts? Good explanation moron. Think before you type.

Leslie Peters

What do expect, it is common knowledge that Mohammid was a pervert, he married a girl of six, and consumated it when she was nine, he already had nine wives plus concubines, and according to the koran a man can have a relationship with a women provided it only less that an hour. No wonder all the men follow Islam, a perverts paradise.


In these cases, even chemical castration isn't enough, these people get their kicks from abusing women and children, not from the sexual act itself. Even if you castrate them, they will continue to traffic children and women for prostitution to others.

There is only one cure for these kind of people and unfortunately, the UK outlawed hanging some years ago. Maybe it's time to re-introduce it.


Once again the Muslim perverts are caught, charged , the given bail !!!
THESE ANIMALS should never be allowed bail under any circumstances.
NOR should they allowed to remain in this country,they should be castrated with a broken bottle and deported along with the rest of them, THEY are NOT English,THEY will NEVER be English,they are devil worshiping SOB's,and the best thing for such is annihilation !
Call me racist if you will,but to my mind, they are NOT human, they are of a species that should have died out centuries ago,and they would have done, had the Crusaders done their job properly !

linda woods

sick disgusting perverts should be hung drawn and quartered and as for these kids bein brought up as tarts are you for real what if it was your child would you be saying the same yet another example of twisted minds

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Very, very nicely done!

carmen swift

Re: 'English girls are raised as tarts' ...Oh dear God (or whoever) I hope that the writer of that is reading this. You silly little person! I don't know if you are a man or a woman, if a man then no doubt you have an acorn instead of a penis and wish you could dress up and be a girlie you pathetic, jealous muppet. Even if we are tarts, so what? More fun, better than boring, sexually frustrated, beardy , all boys together, angry jumping up and down repressive archaic primitive unevolved bollocks that still live like medievil times with no progress! try having a laugh and you might not need to fuck children and blow things up. Dick.

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