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December 22, 2010


john in cheshire

muslims love having slaves. and politely requesting that they desist from the wicked practice will fall on deaf ears. I am amazed and appalled that western media totally ignore the subject of slavery by muslims. But then they'd rather demonise the civilised country of Israel for no other reason that they hate Jews. It's what socialists and muslims have in common.


Lets show some respect here to Indonesia.
It is long overdue that they take their womens' safety seriously, but that they are (attempting to) stand up to the wealthy Arab states is to be applauded.

Whether the Arab states will respond to this appeal from their "brother" Muslims is an unknown - especially since Arab Muslims tend to regard themselves as a cut above other Muslims.

On the positive side, slavery of muslims by muslims has always been less acceptable than slavery of non-muslims.
Unless you are black that is, the Arabic word for black is "Abid" which also means "slave".


Muslims do love having slaves, and they have done so for 1,400 years - especially if they're infidel slaves. And how many people know that they kidnapped at least two million white Europeans and sold them on the slave markets of North Africa over a period of 250 years until affirmative action in the early 19th century by the likes of US Admiral Decatur and others stopped it (read some of it on ) - examples being the kidnappings that took place in Cornwall by Muslim Barbary Pirates in 1625, and again in Baltimore, Southern Ireland in 1631. Does any Westerner who sees magnificent 16th, 17th and 18th Century palaces in Morocco ever think about who was forced to build them under the lash, and does it ever occur to them that a distant ancestor (especially if you've got Cornish ancestry) might have suffered a lingering death at the hands of these murderous Muslim savages? But out of political correctness, we're not taught any of this, and worse still, the PC brigade describes the actions taken to stop it as Western colonialism and imperialism.

Los angeles maids

I think Muslims want to enslave the maids! I really hate people doing these kinda things.

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