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December 19, 2010



To prohibit such a provocative behaviour such as the muslim prayers on public squares and roads has nothing to do with right-wing or left-wing politicians, but with common sense.If their mosque is to small the muzzies could just as well pray at home. No, praying on a public square is intended to provoke and to show the "infidel dogs" who is the master-to-be....rom


Those so-called prayers have nothing in the way of anything spiritual, but are rather like Nuremberg rallies. It's about time they should be forbidden, and those insisting in taking over public spaces for that should be harshly dealt with.


The arrogance of these "police" is breathtaking. Go Sarkhozy, show you are a man unlike Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg. Milliband...


Europe is in dire need of more politicians such as France's President Sarkozy. This man is starting to remedy the Muslim Scourge that is plagueing his country.
Vive La France!


Goodnes gracious me!
Muslims in France are going to have to obey the law of the land, just like everybody else?
How distressing for them!

France does seem to be leading the way against "creeping Islamisation", what with the Burkha-ban and now not letting Muslims take over streets.
Next stop the Algerian "no-go" ghettos in Paris perhaps?

Shame it won't happen in the UK, but any attempt to even debate it would be drowned out by the shrieks of "racist" and "Islamophobia" of course.


When are the left and muslim crybabies going to grow up?Islam is not a race .You can't be called a raceist for bringing up concerns about a religion.You may fool some people but not all.We will fight you every step of the way because Democracy will triumph over sharia.


Yes, it is time for Europe to wake up and realize that islam and sharia law run counter to everything that a free, democratic country stands for. In the same way that civilized countries have outlawed nazi's, marxist-lennonists, maoists, so too must we stand up and see islam for what it is: a vile, 7th century political system, that has no place in the modern, civilized world.


Does anyone know if these muslim numpties pray on their magic carpets in the street when it's raining? I suggest using a water cannon and tear gas, oh my mistake forget the water!


Bans on sharia are important to make it clear who the cock of the walk is in  Western Europe but it's time  Western Europeans got in their head that if  Western European women don't bear more kids and Western Europeans don't get rid of their squeamish attitude toward menial jobs, Western European civilization will exist in history books only, in the space of a century. 


Dans nos efforts pour régler les divergences d'opinion nous devrions être libres de l'intolérance de la passion, et nos jugements devraient être insensible phrases séduisant et unvexed par des intérêts égoïstes.

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