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November 13, 2010


john in cheshire

Here's hoping they don't change their minds and succumb to the threats of the muslims. If only we could do something like that here in England.


You had me at the Muslims complaining at 'intolerant triumphalism' bit ;)

Gary Rumain

Three cheers for the Swiss!


silly muslims. talking about intolerance against them, yet they persecute and kill christians and jews whenever they can....


Jakemandrake, hypocrisy is at the very core of their religion. Never heard of taqqiya ?
Congrats to the Swiss. God will bless them for this.


Well done ,its about time we start to fight back or else we would be doomed.Islam is nothing but EVIL cult.This is off the topic but please just see it, go to YouTube and type in " john alemillah azumah" and you will learn some thing.


I will have some sympathy with the Mahometan position when Christian churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia.

daniel noe


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