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November 11, 2010



In the morning and at the going down of the sun we will remember them...despite the caterwauling of Muslim nazis ...and disrespectful Celtic supporters.


Why not just get out your guns and kill all these scum. Send the bastard back or exterminate then they deserve no better. Now these bastards are in my sites. This desecration is wrong. Islam is a disease like AIDS we need to exterminate these bastards.


We should leave Afganistan then nuke the place. Then Iraq, Iran, Pakistan then go to Indonesia. Then the rest of Muslim world. Islam is a disease I can't say it enough.


English politicians should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for letting these scum into the country. If they are British born and bred, they should be deported, along with their parents.


Why do we allow Muslims to immigrate to London? It is time to ban all Muslim immigration.


Sorry for my recent remark, it was so very wrong. I can understand how people can get insensed. I retrack my comments. However I still feel this act of burning a poppy was wrong however my comments was from anger. I do not wish any harm to anyone just people need to respect other culture. I do not know wher is anger came from but I am glad it is left me.


Basil, don't worry about your comments, you have a just anger and there is nothing wrong in that.

The day is coming when Islam will be no more. It will be a day of joy for the whole world. Keep focused on the day when we will not have to put up with them anymore. Don't think you are wrong for despising these morons.


I live in Chicago and their are Sharia banking billboards everywhere. When I read stories like this, I wonder what happened to England and what Queen Anne would say if she saw this.


Make their lives a living hell, every Muslim holiday desecrate a Koran, defecate on a burka, dress a pig in a hajib. England has to erase this dystopian disease, by any means necessary.


These Islamic protesters should go back to their Islamic homelands.They can live under their beloved Sharia law. This will make everyone happy. There will be less violence in Britain. British taxpayers won't be forced to subsidize them.




I felt India is going down; but it looks like, from what I read recently, UK is going down much faster.

There is another difference; even now UK can wake up and make difference to it self. But India, I am not sure.


This is a subversive fifth column. They are only here to make Britain another Muslim country. We have to do something to stop this. Don't let the nation go down in the name of political correctness.


Consider the common sense of these issues. How can a law abiding society become a lawless one?
There is only one answer to that question. The government is corrupted to the core.
It is apparent they will uphold no standards for the people, but only for their personal agenda.
That is the facts folks.

william carr

“We're here today because people talk about all this patriotism but people in Afghanistan want Sharia and the soldiers keep dropping cluster bombs on our people and it's like they just want us dead. We want British and American troops out of Afghanistan now.”
He is either ignorant or a liar. The Afghans do not want Sharia and the coalition forces are not dropping cluster bombs they do their best to prevent civil casualties but the Taliban's tactic of using civilians as shields or forced combatants lead to their deaths. These people don't protest about the Taliban and Al queda blowing up people in mosques while they pray. This happens every week in Iraq and Pakistan.
If they are worried about 'their peopel' why don't they go back and help defend them, not protest from the safety of the country they abuse.



Pull out all our soldiers from Iran, Afghanistan, and everywhere muslims occupy.

Then carpet bomb the entire middle east and turn the entire area into a giant Walmart.

Then employ all the survivors as greeters.

Guy Forester

Michael Savage is banned from the UK, but Jihadi's get a free pass. Savage has asked, what happened to the men of England and France? I believe that France and England sent their best young men to War in 1914 and 1939. But imcompetent and uncaring politicians and generals squandered the lives of these men. That left the morons, leftists, and cowards outnumbering the brave and often disillusioned men of courage. These fools then voted in the useless nanny state elitists that cannot recongnize the dangers they are importing. When the law abiding citizen speaks up they are seen as the problem. Good luck to you in UK and EU. It looks like the US is next as most here are not paying attention.


remember this on every muslim celebration day and go out on the streets and burn a copy of the devil book the koran


im from the Oklahoma. you all know what just happened here about the proposed law banning foreign & specifically sharia law. We here in the U.S. arent very far behind you as the islamists & fearfull, politically correct sympathizers are rising up more every day. they have taken over cities and towns already. I just want to say... I THANK GOD YOUR PISSED!! We have been allies for along time, we need to remain allies and work together to fight fire with fire. we need to protest them the same way they protest us with coordinated efforts in both of our great nations. its rediculous that we have let things go this far. our governments wont act so its high time that we do. I just want to say I'm proud of the EDL and im proud of you who have had your fill of this silent invasion on your culture



Four Dinners

England is fucked....either that or we're Yugoslavia Mark II....

Can anyone else see it coming?

If it doesn't we might as well pack it all up.


Immigration has to stop. However, we cant expect western liberal governments to sit in their legislatures & commit to doing this immediately, so we should point them in the right direction by campaigning for incremental change. For example: protest to stop family reunifications ( which in turn leads to the whole tribe coming over), return all immigrants who entered illegally, deport all immigrants involved in any sort of illegal activities. Make welfare harder to obtain and many other things that can be done. Remember, a wall is built one brick at a time & Europe must lead the way for us. Don't be lazy or procrastinate, contact your politicians. Form associations. Tell them how important this is and that you want change. You dont get anything if you dont ask. Stop looking at the TV or YT and shaking your heads! This does nothing. Be proactive.

Terry Metcalfe

ALL the constructive input
Ive read in ways to eradicate this social disease flying in the name of (Alla) should be implimented asap and rid our shores of them all!! If
Hitler had infiltrated our beloved Country like they have we would be long gone,
So, what did our fellow men/women die for in all wars tell me that Cameran/CO This lot!!!

Aziz the Muslim

Hey people what's wrong with you? A few protesters don't represent Islam or Muslim. I am a Muslim living in Canada. I am a proud Canadian and will defend Canada and its principles as every other Canadian will do.

These people have political agenda's. They are against Islam and the core teachings of Islam i.e. peace and live in harmony. If they are really Muslims why they bomb Mosques in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and every other place they can reach to.

They are just Muslim by name. They are criminal terrorists. We should not stereotype.

It took us Human Beings thousands of years to get where we are today to live together in peace and respect for others. Please don't take a short cut toward destructing the path that took as millenniums to build.


Aziz wrote: "A few protesters don't represent Islam or Muslim."

Quite so. But, how many is "a few"?
When the 9/11 attacks on the USA produced scenes of mass jubilation on the streets of many Islamic Countries, how "few" is that?

When in 2008 and 2009 muslims carried out - at a conservative estimate - 5.8 terror attacks per DAY - that's not far shy of two and a half thousand a year, how "few" is that when you add up not just the bombers/shooters but their support networks.

How "few" is it when pilgrims on the Hajj 2010, often considered Islam's holiest duty, chant "death to America" and (of course!) "Death to Israel" - as reported by Ahlul Bayt News Agency (and no, it's not Jew owned, run or controlled).

How "few" is it when, according to 2006 Gallup poll 7 percent of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims - 90 million people, thats about 1.5x the TOTAL UK population - would justify terror attacks such as 9/11?

The point, Aziz, is that groups of open Islamist fanatics like these are but the "tip of the tip" of the iceberg of Muslim support (either active, passive or aquiesive) for "kuffarophobia" which itself is deeply pervasive within Islam and Islamic culture.

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