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November 09, 2010



stupid morons, i can't bear to witness the agony of Europe, please Europe die already once and for all.


The EU is an unmitigated disaster. Support UKIP for off loading them.


Bosnian muslims..formed an outfit of SS under Hitler and wore SS uniforms with their 'fez' hats....

Richardnicholas Mitton
I don't care if this supposedly shows the extreme side of it. But check the site out. Everything you see is within Sharia Law and Islam.


FANTASTIC i give up on this country and all the leaders. They would sell there soul to the devil.


Please don't stone me for what I'm about to say: please know I too detest Islamization in any shape or form. PLease also read my full post before commenting:

Short and sweet: If you consider the amount of blood on the hands of the United Kingdom the past 300 years - how many nations they have raped, plundered, segregated, looted and pillaged:
- they stripped Egypt bare (a.k.a. theft) of it's rich archaeological wealth ( now all in British museums) and they now refuse to return it
- the apartheid they started in India, Pakistan, Cyprus, South Africa (the thousands of Afrikaner women and children murdered in concentration camps) and
- how they shamed the Irish, Welsh and Scots and stole their culture and forced them to convert all to English language and way of life.

These are all but to name a FRACTION of what the UK has done to the world.

Now, is it unfair to say that the blood of many nations is calling out against the UK and what the UK has done to many nations are now in detail returning to their shores?

Read the above issues and see the parallels of Islam and what the UK have done to the world. They invaded, stole and forced everybody to convert to the English system and way of life, that is why today we gave the Commonwealth of Nations, former British colonies.

And that the unholy flood of Islam into the UK is maybe the chickens coming home to roost? Bitterness and resentment aside, you cannot ignore these facts.

For they tried to make the world SUBMIT to the rule of their Queen and in the name of the expansion of their Empire. They said that the sun shall NEVER set over the British Empire - for it shall stretch over all the world. Please tell me you cannot see the aspirations of Islam here?


...and now the British Foreign Secretary ( I think it was him) who visited Israel within the past two weeks had the AUDACITY to tell Israel to stop the expansion of "settlements" . Who does the UK think they are to tell Israel what to do after their own atrocious record the past 300 years?


JO'S talking out is arse

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