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October 16, 2010


john in cheshire

What is wrong with being anti-muslim?


Islam is a sixth century satanic cult...anti muslim...only a nut case wouldn't be. some of them aren't violent you say..of course; they have a conscience and are "lip-service"

Truth Detector

I'm against Mad Pig Shariah, the law of the Muslims, whose god is Satan sometimes called Allah. I'm against Mad Pig Shariah because only Muslim male sex perverts are allowed to commit adultery. If the Muslim women commit adultery, they are stoned to death.

Let me explain: Depraved, uncontrolled Muslim male sex perverts are allowed to acquire several female spouses. By doing that, these depraved Muslim male sex perverts are committing adultery. If the Muslim women acquired several male spouses, the women would be stoned to death for adultery. So there you have it. Only the Muslim males are allowed to commit adultery. Not only that, but Islam allows hypocrisy in their so-called religion by allowing this Neanderthal law.

Mad Pig Shariah also allows Muslim male sex perverts to force underage little girls to "marry" the Muslim male sex perverts, and then allows them to rape the little girls. This is rape pure and simple in a civilized society.

Mad Pig Shariah deliberately tortures little girls. Mad Pig Shariah performs the sadistic practice of cutting off clitorises of little girls as in Female Genital Mutilation.

Mad Pig Shariah should be outlawed on account of its barbarism.


"Senior Allison Shilling"

What a perfect name for this brainless bimbo! Not only is she "shilling" for Sharia and Islamic conquest, but her thoughts are worth about a shilling -- or 8 cents at the current exchange rate.


In a letter sent to the university's student newspaper, The Spectator, Raj wrote, "The actions of the bar owner poses a dangerous threat to our Muslim friends."

True islamic believing muzzies cannot befriend infidels. It states it in their death cult book; all they can do is lie, cheat, steal, corrupt, rape and kill them but under no circumstance should they befriend them. So if Raj, if you have so called muslim friends then they are non-believers and not true muslims. If they are not true muslims how can they be offended?

Also why is these statement not been classed as 'hate speech' or racist.

Raj continued by writing about the danger that intoxicated bargoers incensed by anti-Muslim speech could then go looking for Middle Eastern students to harm.

1) Not all muzzy scum are Middle Eastern.
2) Not all drunken patrons of bars are gullible enough to act on someone's simply airing their right to free speech and go looking for a fight.



In the 19th century a bunch of suffragette sexually repressed New England biddies got together with girly-man 'Unitarian' and 'Progressive' ministers to resurrect the Puritan habit of telling other people what they can say or do. Their first success was banning alcohol. Its like Freddy Krueger, IT just won't die.


Be fair Truth Detector, men can be convicted of rape if the woman has five guys testifying on her behalf.

Alastair 2Mac

You have to just laugh at these self important little twits for students.

Straight out of the School system into the College system they have not yet lived in the world they want to "Thought Police"

What the fuck are Muslims doing in the drinking establishment anyway.

I am getting really tired of lefty student fuckwits trying to give advice when they have not lived in the real world, let alone a third world country.

Shilling you silly wee cow do you support female genital mutilation, stoning of women for adultery, religious aparthied, child marriage, etc, etc.

In a muslim country daft wee lassies like you would have been married at 10, pregnant at 12 and hiding in a ninja suit when out in public.

If you want to protect rights, think about your own before you go supporting a tyranical death cult from the middle ages.

Learn your history of Europe and the middle east, study religious diversity in every muslim majority country for the last 1400 years.

Fucking Students, think they know it all after a few lectures from some lefty virgin academic.

When it comes time to fight for freedom your university lecturers will be hiding under the bed while real men are keeping you safe.

Some much knowledge, so little fucking sense.

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