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October 24, 2010



Do yourselves a favor and get an An American type 2nd Amendment. Every single study, Every single one, shows that when the populace is armed, crime goes down.

M Rob

Has England given up and handed their country over to the Muslims - it would seem so. I can't believe the spinelessness of the government over there - amazing how fast the muslims have taken the country as thier own. It is a sad day for England I will never visit that country again. I make it a point to avoid Islamic countries.

Alastair 2Mac

Why do you think the EDL are marching. We have had enough. The Islamist dogs have woken the sleeping British lion. We the tax paying British have asked our politicians to stop this mass immigration nightmare and constant social engineering by the leftist politically correct numpties giving money and passports to people with no right to either. They did not listen.

We are called racists by the political elite and media luvvies for defending our land, rights, culture and freedom. These political representatives live in an ivory tower of idealism shielded from our reality. They have already given away to much to the cuckoo in our nest.

There is a reason our land has not been successfully invaded for 1000 years. It is because we do not surrender nor retreat once the battle lines have been drawn.

The threat has been identified. The threat will also be eliminated. Do not mistake the weakness of our weak spined leadership and liberal talking heads as being Representative of the British publics views.

As in the USA the media are scared little boys, frightened to be targeted by the Jihadists. Once again the defence of our ancient realm falls to the working classes who have been betrayed by their elected guardians in Westminster.

Our tolerance has expired. They have naively mistaken foe for friend. The great multicultural experimentation of the last decade failed and now the situation will be rectified.

It is not a conflict of race. It is a rejection of dark age totalitarian idealism being stealthily enforced upon our children.

It is a rejection of violence and oppression of women, a rejection of child marriage, a rejection of religiously enforced apartheid, a rejection of tyranny, a rejection of hatred of Jews, Atheists and Christians, a rejection sharia, a rejection of fascism, a defence of human rights, a defence of race, gender and sexual equality.

Sometimes good people must make a stand to prevent evil schemes. That time has come.

john oakley

The political elite are cowards. Good at chastising the(English) weak to give an impression of contol.Yet it is they who are weak in the face of overt hate exhibited by Islamofacists!


How do I join the EDL I've had enough of this sort of thng in my country.


These piles of trash should be locked up, the key melted as scrap, and their entire families sent back to the savage Pakistani craphole they came from.

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