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October 01, 2010



Thank goodness somebody is keeping track!

john in cheshire

I wish the powers that be would read this blog. And then do something about the atrocities being committed against innocent white people. If these muslims weren't living here, none of these disgusting attacks would have occurred.


This blog is blatantly racists.
'Busy Month for UK Muslim Rapists, Paedophiles & Pimps' - because all of these crimes are of course only ever committed by 'Muslims'....?
John from cheshire you make a very ill judged, immature and ignorant comment when you say '...none of these disgusting attacks would have occurred.' Are you having a laugh? Peter Sutcliffe, Fred & Rosemary West, Myra Hindley, John Straffen, Dennis Nilsen, Robert Black, Colin Ireland, Kenneth Erskine....i could go on....but please John please explain how these non-muslim criminals named above would not have committed their crimes had the muslims not been living in the UK? How?
I'm not ignorant to assume that any one race or religion is responsible for these horrendous crimes and i strongly suggest that the pathetic racist human who has put up this blog grows up a little.
There are so many things wrong with your misconceptions and allegations I do have the patience to address them all individually. All i hope for is that all of you use a little common sense and stop trying to blame everything on any one race.



What race is muslim?

The purpose of these last 2 posts is to show the high numbers of sexual crimes committed by muslim men -especially in light of their percentage of the UK population. No one said that all rapes, etc are committed by muslims.

The facts are the FACTS.

Clearly you choose to remain oblivious and ignore the FACTS.


The muslim immigrants who committed these rapes should be deported to their native lands.If western muslim appeaser politican never speak up then people would persue justic themself.If muslim immigrants continue to rape the young girls it is better for them to cut fully their sex organs,thus young girls can be saved.Muslims are below 3% in the UK but they do 90% of the rape.


Shocking trend.

Gary Rumain

Its time to castrate these koranimals.


"The muslim immigrants who committed these rapes should be deported to their native lands"

I think they should be deported to 6 feet under the ground.

john in cheshire

Jilly, I actually welcome criticism of my postings, so thanks for taking the time to respond. However, I think your assumptions and reasoning are so at variance with mine that I cannot develop a short explanation of why I think you are wrong and why I stand by what I have posted. Let's just agree to differ. However, I hope that more people with my viewpoint take a more active position regarding the muslim invasion of our country and what they are now doing to us. And what they have planned, if they are allowed to get away with it.


Jilly, you need to wise up. Sweden has suffered an epidemic of sexual crimes by Muslims against white Swedish women. The fact is that white girls and women are seen as fair game for these assaults. Sadly, one reason they give which cannot be denied as being true, is that white European women are seen as little more than prostitutes because of their often provocative dress.


Well, if you dress like a tramp you're asking for it. So many parent dress there children like young adults. This is a whole other issue. I mean how can you justify dressing half naked by saying 'it make me feel good/comfortable. If your chest is on show it's because you want someone to notice them. A lot of this is often down to low self esteem. - like i said this is a whole other subject which again i don't have the time to address in it's entirety.

Southwood, yeah for sure. I haven't read anything on the Sweden 'epidemic' so I won't comment specifically on this. I will however say this. It was not long ago when all black people were being blamed for these sorts of crimes. But again as i go through the list of people named above I may be wrong but how many black or muslims...?

Berq, please don't just pull figures from thin air. 90% - please! I know the percentage is high but please stop kidding!

TheOpinionator, Yes okay 'Mulsim' is not a race. My Bad. Thanks for pointing that out. I see this is the best you could come up with. Okay. As for 'facts are facts' - I've read a few blogs on here and my concern is the overwhelming blame directed towards muslims. For me this is just causing hate towards muslims unjustifiably. I would like to point out that just because some of these people were bought up in muslim families nowhere in islam is this behaviour condoned, and although they may also have muslim names, they are not muslim in the pure sense since they are obviously not following the religion as it should be. So, again my point, why are you highlighting just the muslims? Why does it matter. Its the individual no matter what race, colour or religion. You'll find that there are people from all race's that commit these crimes. Even yours.

Finally, John. Think you've been watching too much television. 'what they have planned'? Please. And 'muslim invasion'? - What about the British Invasions around the world a few hundred years ago? What about the crimes that were committed then?

I see my unbiased views are bothering some people. I'd just like to finish by requesting just one thing from anyone that reads this. Don't hate, embrace. Look for the good thing in your neighbour instead of the bad. Appreciate your neighbours' difference and be open learn new things from them. Tolerance is a gift if you don't possess it learn to develop your levels.

(and no i'm not suggesting that you tolerate rapist, i'm highlighting the racist nature of this blog - there is no need for it!)



So in Jilly's eyes it is okay to rape a woman if she shows some flesh!!

Now Jilly is going to say these acquisitions are false cause some acquisitions made against people in the past were false.... brilliant argument.I guess we don't need to remotely consider doing a proper investigation now do we?

The overwhelming blame is being directed toward Muslims cause they are the overwhelming amount of terrorists and criminals. Notice no one objects to the equal dark skinned non Muslims.

So the Muslims have a right to kill us, who have committed no wrongs cause of what our ancestors did 100s of years ago. That is just brilliant Jilly.

What unbiased views have you told anyone Jilly? Only thing you have demonstrated is you are a complete idiot.


I find it commendable that someone is keeping track of these horrific crimes. I do believe this is vital and necessary! As important as the crucial record keeping by!

Jilly, your comment: "Well, if you dress like a tramp you're asking for it" is disturbing and disgusting!

You seem to place the blame at the feet of the victims. That is simply unacceptable!

Throughout the history of Islam rape of non-Muslim women has been part and parcel of how Muslim men have spread jihad and oppressed the Infidel. A quick examination of the Hadiths as well as Islamic terrorism in recent years will reveal this disturbing fact.

Your comments and arguments lack insight and research.

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil." - Thomas Mann


It's good to see some people are alive to the danger in this land of ours.


Have just read Jilly's comments. This is not racist, it is simple exposure of the facts! It is time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted before it is too late!


Jilly said "they are not muslim in the pure sense since they are obviously not following the religion as it should be."

How do you know? How do you know for sure that their religion is not teaching this? Have you read Koran, Hadith and sirat muhammad yourself rather than listening from your human common sense that every religion teaches good?

did you know muhammad on every war he started, he would kill the men and captured the women for sex slaves, house slaves? Did you know in the Koran it is ok to have sex to the captive women?

I was once just like you before I did my own research by reading the Hadith and Koran with their traditional interpretation...

Jill, give yourself sometime to read thru islam from their sources.. then yell out your opinion that Islam will never teach such horrible things like rape etc... in fact they do have contract marriage for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week etc what ever they call it.. it is still debauchery which place its religion to such a low position.


Jilly, this is from The Opinionator

Coming to a district near you !



I suggest you click on the question mark if the picture doesn't load. There you'll see a typical pretty Swedish girl all covered in blood after her rape and battering by 4 Muslim men. Ah, the religion of peace !


I'm coming to the conclusion that nothing is more dangerous than a young, white, secular lib who believes it is their job to protect every minority race, religion, and sexual behavior, from the rest of us!

The arrogance of these kids, who have not read a bit about the people they are defending or the good deeds of those they are accusing of being "racist" stunning.

I am ashamed to say that I was once the same way. Wisdom does come from maturity.

One more thing: Seems like adults can not have a conversation about anything anymore, especially online, without some kids jumping in and accusing them of "racism," "homophobia," "islamiphobia," "xenophosbia," etc. I wish they would spend that time actually researching the issue they are b****ing about.


these women and girls need to start carrying a gun or knife to try and protect them selves from these jerks

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