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September 21, 2010



OMG.. How could this be possible to draw an attention seeking portrait..?

Al Mackenzie

Last year an LBGT exhibition at GOMA, one of the biggest galleries in Glasgow, right in the very centre of the city, had pages torn out the bible, crushed up, stuffed into underwear, mouth etc.. insulting remarks scrawled on it and basically desecrated all in the name of left wing liberalism, homosexuality and art. The police showed no interest in this matter; Brigid McConnell, head of GCC Culture and Sport, totally supported the actions despite being overwhelmed with protesting e mails as she admitted.
Now today I hear some guys being investigated over some video they posted of burning some book with Quran written on it.
If McConnell and GOMA had done the same to the Quran, she would be almost certainly have been asked to resign, her life threatened and been destroyed in the press, GOMA would have been bombed and ... well it wouldn't happen again.
The playing field is not just slanted, it is deliberately and very ostentatiously slanted. All this says to Christians, "Watch out, you won't be treated fairly if you speak out".
Cartoon says it all really.

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