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September 18, 2010


Gary Rumain

Dirty f'ing koranimals!


How do they know he was a muslim?Are you not stereotyping just because the guy was Asian?


Actually, reading the article again, it doesnt even mention the victim's ehtnicity.How do you know the kid wasnt asian?This is still an awful crime but dont make it out to be something it isnt, you only create more racism

Bill Baker

Any English lad set about by a gang of Muslims for the simple reason he is English and a non Muslim is perfectly in his right to petrol bomb Muslims as far as I am concerned as the law is on their side these days. We as activists take our chances on Demonstrations and protests, but the amount of Islam thugs attacking people at random is growing at an alarming rate. When the press start screaming Islamapbobia once the shops start burning over this they only have themselves to blame for being so biased and supportive of Islam and its thugs

Lemac the cameL



I used to become outraged at seeing my ethnic homeland and its once proud inhabitants being desecrated and brutally insulted.

Now, I understand that it is a just punishment for England's abandonment of religious principles and embracing of atheism, secularism and moral relativism.

The ties of collective cohesion and the ability to unite in self defense, unraveled with the rejection of Christianity and traditional values. (and I am Hindu)

Islam is swarming into the vacuum left by Christianity.


" Democracies do not act , until there is blood in the streets "

-Winston Churchill


For the poster who complained about how we know it was a muslim...It's because the British press uses "Asian" as a euphemism for "muslim."

P.S. Your race card has been denied due to overuse. Also, because of numerous complaints, this program is in the process of being discontinued. There are no plans to restart the program.

dr spock

Dirty b*******
If we done that sort of thing over there our heads would roll f****** animals

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