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September 11, 2010



Building a mosque at ground zero is hurtful to the families that lost someone due to the 9/11 attacks. It's in extremely poor taste. And your other comment which is very snide is anti American propaganda and nothing more.


I think the "mosque"(cough islamic center cough) "at ground zero" is NOT ON DEAD PEOPLE'S BODIES. if it were actually AT ground zero I would probably have a problem with it, but it's 2.5 blocks away, a block away from the furthest fragment was found. might I add that muslims all over the country are having trouble expanding because of some idiots decided to drive planes into buildings. that would be like people of other religions blaming christians for the works of the nazi regine.Adolf hitler quoted the bible in a few of his speeches. and they still use the same "hate passages" within their "christian" churches.


in the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman (Most Kind), Ar-Raheem (Most Merciful).

As a muslimah (female muslim), I would want to make sure that there are no bodies buried in the area where the mosque is being built. Masajid/Mosques (Houses of worship of the Creator of the Universe) should never be built on top of graves, so that people do not begin to go the mosque to worship the dead people there, as worshiping people is a form of polytheism i.e. breaks the fundamentals laws of faith in the Creator, who is the Only One who has the right to be worshipped, since He alone created the world and sustains it, and the people who are dead, are themselves in need for God. This is the way of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the final Messenger Mohammad, peace be upon them all: knowing God, Allah, and worshipping Him alone, not lying about Him, or saying that He has any children or partners. Glory be to Allah, The One who created everything!

If there are no graves, then I ask those who oppose the idea, do you know what a masjid is? A masjid is a place where a person, who believes in God, goes in and prays to Him, standing in unity with others who also believe and worship God; saying prayers like Al-Fatiha (Translation: Praise be to Allah, The Lord of The Worlds, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful, You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for Help, Guide us to the Straight path, the path of those whom you are pleased with, Not the path of those you are angry with, and not the path of those who are lost..)

That is what a muslim says.
What is wrong with that prayer?

Nothing. It is a sincere, humble, human prayer to God, the Creator, and it is read in the Arabic original as it was revealed to Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.
Just like the Torah was given to Moses, peace be upon him, and the (Injil) Bible was given to Jesus peace be upon him.

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