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September 11, 2010


Mystical Time Traveler

There is a big difference of putting a menorah in a window and wearing a rag on your head.


LOLOL idiots.


What a fascist web site!!!

Abu Taleb

Why no similar actions done to support the Jews, Christians or other non muslim victims when they become the victims of the muslims?
What hypocrisy by useful idiots.

George Halik

I joined the group and posted some comments and images, including Qur'anic quotes and the like and responding to supporters.

Sure enough they soon deleted what I posted and banned me from the group. Useful idiots indeed.

Infadel Chris

you bloody fool..


You saps in the UK had better find your collective backbone soon. Stop drinking so deeply from your multicultural bong-water.

R Schultz

These are a bunch of IDIOTS. I don't think any religious book should be burned.e are good people in all religions. However I don't think you need to kiss their ass to keep them one happy and all the others under wrap. That is what the dumb ass Pres. is doing also. This witch must have voted for "IT" Sorry I can't call "IT" president. He's not. The church should kick the koran burner out of his church. Then again they should kick all the sharia and jihad muslims out also.
really stupid..all around...THEN. You have the black panther loosers that want evreything free and TRY to SCARE PEOPLE WITH THEIR BULLSHIT./ UP YOURS....


you are a very STUPID woman!


Once upon a time she would be classed as a traitor. She's probably already sleeping with the enemy....

Hell, I hope she enjoyed wearing the Hijab - give it 10 years and she won't have a damn choice....


NITWITS!! Probably code pink,
They love the attention.


Why suck up to muslims if they think you are an infidel who will burn in their islamic hell?


This harlot has sold herself out to the enemy.

In former times she would have been executed and rightly so. She's a member of the Liberal Far Left traitor camp who firmly believe that Islam and the Left are on the same side of the social and religious divides - divides which they both deliberately created themselves.

No doubt, were she and/or her ilk ever to find themselves forced under threat of death, (a distinct possibility these days), to convert to Islam, they highly probably would just to save their own miserable necks whilst at the same time, callously forgetting about the safety and wellbeing of their immediate families, close relatives and every other non-Muslim inhabitant in the country - not to mention the severe compromising of the human rights of all the abovementioned to choose not to convert.

Treason is a crime in Western nations which still carries the death penalty in some and for those that now don't, it can quickly be reinstated retroactively.

ffxiv gil

I am not a Muslim but I plan to wear the hijab on 9/11 as a gesture to American Muslims that they are full citizens of this country and deserve the same rights as the rest of us.


Do you know what islam teaches about women? Do you know that women are stoned for adultry? Do you know that many of these "adultry" cases are actually rapes that could not be proven in court because there were not 4 male witnesses (as the koran demands.) Do you know that mohammed, known to muslims as the perfect man, raided villages, killed the men, and took the women and children as slaves? Do you know that muslim slave traders were largely responsible for US slavery? Do you know about the Europe rape epidemic caused by muslim immigration and that muslim males there believe it's okay to do this because the women are not "covered"? Do you know that a muslim teacher taught that unveiled women are like "uncovered meat" when an animal is around?

Have you ever researched sharia law or the percentage of muslims in the West who want sharia law in our democratic countries?

Do you wear a cross when muslims kill Christians? Or a flag when muslims kill Americans?

I do not understand you. And I do not want to. But I wish you would use your time more wisely.


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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