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August 13, 2010



"We’ve really regressed a long way when we endanger people’s lives to give a politically-correct, WHITEwashed description of a Palestinian serial killer."
(Emphasis mine)Was that a deliberate pun?

It's actually very clever since it functions on two levels (at least).
1. the "muslims can't be criminals" level (so we call them "Asians" or "white" if lighter skinned).
2. The "only whites are racist" level (see T.Daniels above).

john in cheshire

Every time something bad is reported these days on UK television and radio broadcasts, my first thought is that it involves an alien immigrant of some kind; particularly blacks and muslims. In most cases, once I learn more about the perpetrators, I find my first thoughts were correct. Could it be that by removing these aliens from our shores, the crime rates and the prison population would fall dramatically? If so, why don't we do it?


So will the usual suspects apologize for mistaking him as an Jew honestly there will be a lot of suprises for the left


Now that more has come out, it is necessary to point out that he is a palestinian Christian-Arab.
Still at least we know that God didn't tell him to do it!


Yes, that is true which is why I left the question open. But, he certainly isn't the white 'redneck' looking bloke wearing a baseball cap nor Jewish Israeli.
Thanks for your comments.

Mystical Time Traveler

The correct term is Israeli Arab not Palestinian. (There are no such people.)

20% of Israelis are not Jewish. And not all Israeli Arabs are Muslims. Many are Christians.

He is wanted in Israel for murder too.

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