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August 07, 2010



Well, what do you expect when you import people into your society from a totally different ethnic group , whose religion makes it impossible to see other human beings as equals and are yet deluded enough to think they are 'special'?

Lemac the cameL

How many more murders, rapes, assaults, attacks, insults, degradations and indignities, bombings, etc., do the British people have to endure before enough of them wake up to the insane evil of izlam that confronts them every day.
" All that is necesary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing"
.....Edmond Burke, 18th century British statesman


Why 25 years? Jail these scumbags for life.Let them rot in prison till death!!!

Gary Rumain

Execution would be a better option than a lifetime in prison. Why pay for their needs for years on end?

Cut off their nads and stuff them down their throats. Then hang them. Once dead, cut off their heads then cremate them.

Arselifters will be livid because these pigs will never see their 72 virgin goats.


Wow, Great Britain is screwed. In the USA such a brutal murder would get those involved LIFE in prison and depending on the state, the DEATH PENALTY! You guys need to stop ALL immigration from Muslim countries. If you don't have 0% unemployment you don't need any immigrants!


Well, I guess they (the "big men" who attacked a kid) want to be the creators of their own downfall huh? They seem to think it'll never come; they're wrong! Oh and I wouldn't like to be them when it does all break down!


That is scary. The way he was tortured is extremely horrible. They should be punished.


They'd better watch their asses, literally, in prison...if the general prison population gets hold of them, they're dead. They're probably in PC (Protective Custody).

Aine O'Neill

Only 25 years they should have been topped, wake up Scotland get all Muslims out we don't want them.

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