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August 05, 2010



The Lord said that He would choose His people from among those who eat swines flesh.
It is against the Christian religion to eat halal food. It can not possibly be done either.


Islam is a bad religion and only stupid pigs in this world follow such ideology, that is backward and barbaric.


Halal food is first offered to Allah the Moon God. Why are infidels being forced to eat this pagan food?

Stop trying to cram this islamic cult and its rituals on our children.


You don't have to be vegetarian to reject Halal meat. Watch this video:

If you can't bear to watch the video then don't eat Halal meat.


Halal slaughter is illegal unless it is for religious reasons. If Harrow are serving halal meat to non-Muslims then they are breaking the law


It is an eye sore to see that everything is going Halal in the UK, even common Body cream. After all, this nation is constitutionally a christian nation and should not be turned into an Islamic one. Islamic nations does not tolerate the practice of other religious activities apart form Islam in their country. This nation is open to all, free and fair enough and should ban every attempt of any religious imposition by Islam. Particular, the Halal meal in schools.


Mohammad Rizvi, said "... it isn't a problem for children of other faiths to eat Halal."
Oh really?
Orthodox Jews won't eat Halal.
Neither will orthodox (small "o") Xtains.
Many others won't on animal cruelty grounds.
Rizvi's statement shows either towering ignorance, contempt or a display of Taqqiyya.

In fact, given the Islamic doctrine of "Taysir" (lit. "ease") it could be argued that if Halal is NOT available, then it is perfectly okay for Muslims to eat non-Halal; but that wouldn't suit the Islamisers, now would it.
In schools with significant Muslim attendance the best answer is to provide both types of food and no excuses as to why non-muslims should be compelled to eat Halal on the grounds of "preparation constraints in kitchens."

Ranting Sociopath

Giving Christian children Halal is akin to serving Muslim children the Host in place of bread.

If this happened, there would be UPROAR.


How dare this Mohammed bloke speak for what is acceptable for other faiths. It's completely against my religion to eat food which has had rantings from an evil cult spouted over it.

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