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July 11, 2010



I'd rather suffer with tooth ache than use a muslim dentist.


Urban1 your comments are offensive and religiously discriminatory. If you let the accusations to one affect your opinion of all Muslim dentists then you are painting all muslims with the same brush. No one would consider all Caucasians to be as good as David Beckham at free kicks so why paint muslims with the negative brush created by one of them.



You really need to know what happens to nations that let in Muslims or were invaded by Muslims. They get partitioned or wiped out and the indegenous culture totally wiped out.

The danger to the UK as a distinct nation and culture, is now so great, that there is no further time to quibble of who is a good or bad Muslim- quite obviously a bad Muslim is a good one from our perspective.

We are in a war that is being waged on us internally, and good and bad Muslims are doing so to the limit of their ability. Even Muslim doctors- ones who had been granted asylum from persecution in their own countries, start plotting and carrying out what is prescribed in the Koran, terrorism or Jihad, despite the oath they took to preserve life - quite obviously, the Koran trumps the Hippocratic oath.


I don't trust Muslim doctors and dentists because deep inside they have hatred and consequently they inflict some injuries that could be disabling for life, and NHS USUALLY PUTS A BLIND EYE AND
DOES NOT PUNISH THE OFFENDER. Whites should only be treated by non Muslims


Mashallah! I like this dentist! I'm on his side! Can I get an appointment with you? May Allah help you inschallah!

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