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July 23, 2010



Asian = muslim


So force the government to pick sides - start attacking back.


What race is islam? It's not A BLOODY RACE!!!!

Lemac the cameL

Does anyone still believe that izlam is their friend?

Gary Rumain

F'ing bloody arselifters and their stinking pislam. They can all go to hell!


A five foot five inch shitter! Hit him from behind with a weapon. What a brave bastard ah? Fucking scum need sorting out not in a year, but now.

Stephen Gash

Islam should be treated as a political party, which of course is what it really is.

Then Muslims can be banned from joining the police, for example, as members of other parties are already.



Hope you realize that all "Asians" are not Muslims. Your politically correct media makes it sound that way. Indians are "Asian", but they are Hindu. Japanese are also "Asian" but they are Buddhist. It's mainly the Arabs and Pakistanis who are Muslim, and who cause most problems in the UK.


This is for those who don't know the difference,Asian=Muslims. Asians can be Afghans,Pakistanis,Indian[Hindus,Sikhs,Buddhists], Bangladeshi,Burmese,Thais, ie any one from Asia. Where as the Muslims go they can be from any muslim or non muslim countries,ie India ,Kenya, etc,etc.The followers of Islam are called Muslims.I suggest people to learn more about evils of Islam and its followers [muslims]

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