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July 30, 2010


M Rob

The religion of Peace....I mean pedophila strikes again!

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We are supposed to be living in modern(civilised) times but reading all this proves that there are some races that are still in prehistoric and barbaric times. Why dosn't the united nations take up and take on these monsters.

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Muslims are Peace.

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Brendan Nichols

Hi. Thank you so much for this very valuable information that you have posted here. These people should understand the ill effect of what they are doing. The government should do something to stop this.

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Now I remember that child molestation was a real problem in Pakistan in that period.

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This is terrible. I don't understand why anyone in this world find pleasure in molesting children. Hopefully the new child protection bill can help in some way. Thanks for spreading awareness about this.

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Hi Hina. Pedophiles are pathetic people. I really despise them. I hope they will get back to their senses.

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