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July 04, 2010


john in cheshire

It took, what was it, 800 years for Spain to rid itself of the muslim infestation. We are now allowing this same cult to carry out an invasion of the whole of Europe. And with no opposition; in fact, with great encouragement of all socialists in Europe. Are we to endure 800 years of subservience until someone with the necessary cojones comes along to free us from islamic tyranny?


Fuck waiting for some great hero. Target the fifth column within British society
asshole scumbags like bob pitt at islamophobiawatch, this shit sack sucks on the public tit while working for the destruction of Britons, a cricket bat to the head in a dark alley is better than these "socialists" deserve, laughable that trots like pitt claim they act for the working class while they live parasitically on the public purse and actively work for the destruction of working class peoples. They say they are anti-imperialist, yet never seem to get that racism and imperial ambitions are not limited to Europeans, as in the current wave of islamic supremacism engulfing the world. If I were in the UK right now I'd see to it this tosser is removed from public discourse by any means necessary. Treason is Death. bob pitt is a true traitor.

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