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June 03, 2010



It is not as dispiriting as it looks.

In my own experience, women themselves are getting a little afraid, that with men taking a back seat, they may have to confront the barbarians. They realise that they just do not have the testosterone, to do so. In any case, Muslim men do have any respect for women.

On another occasion, I was in a discussion with some 6 women. I was the only male. When things got heated, unknowingly I became aggressive. It must have been my body language, but to my surprise, they responded quite meekly. I quickly resumed my normal gentle manner. Since then, its all been quite lovely - as it should be.


Also worth reading

A crunch is coming to a country near you; has already come to several countries in Europe; is likely to transform the entire Western world within the space of our lifetimes. It will obviate all the trends to which we have become accustomed.

But while I have no doubt of this, I have no idea what will emerge from it. Human beings cannot see the future, except perhaps prophetically under divine inspiration.

We can see such rational things as "three into two won't go," and easily predict the catastrophe itself. We have not only an impending fiscal collapse, but escalating "culture wars" that will be resolved one way or another.

S. Wolf

DP111.. Those women probably thought you were unstable, first aggressive then docile, no wonder everything is 'lovely' now. They are apprehensive. ;) Anyway this gives insight into why the 'right wing' is smeared as racist and hateful; conservatives exemplify the old school way and men of the left wing are of the new school, as it were.


We all get along fine. Its simply a matter of drawing the line.


Ha Ha HA HA. You must be Europeans. Ask my wife, on whom I have never laid a hand in anger, if I would hesitate to beat you within an inch of your life if you dared threaten her. Europe is going down the crapper because you wait for your limp wristed, morally relevant, boot licking governments to fight off these thugs for you. Rise up, take matters into your own hands, and see how fast the government responds when it realizes it can no longer control your anger. The 2 million man US Army won't be able to control 308 million Americans (or even 2% of them) and neither will the UK.


I have to agree with nojizyatax.

The fact of women filling the universities and getting equal pay in jobs (horror!) is not because men are being "castrated" by their women.

The real problem is that EVERYBODY in Europe is pussyfooting for fear of being accused of "offending" some crackpot or another.

Men and women should be willing to fight together for what they believe in. Whether it is for equality under the law, equal opportunity in education and employment, or the right to be a Victorian miss, swooning behind the back of her protector.

America became what it was because the men & women faced danger together, not because 50% of the population was in purdah.

Oh and DP111 - when a man gets aggressive, I get aggressive back - not meek. What absolute rubbish!

Get aggressive to my children and you will find out whether women are meek or not.

jordan 11

The mighty desert is burning for the love of a bladeof grass who shakes her head and laughs and flies away.Do you like it?

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