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June 09, 2010



Not sure I agree with this article's analysis of the reasons for China not reporting all the grizly facts.
As I read it, it was not a case of "appeasement" towards the muslims, more a fear that the Han would retaliate with equal brutality towards the Uigher, possibly in a Country wide wave of violence that would be literally unstoppable.
My reason for saying this is in the phrase "it [the pictures etc] would set off violence BEYOND Urumqi." (Emphasis mine)
Given the very un-Western-like "firmness" with which the Chinese authorities responded to this example of Muslim violence, I do not think that appeasement of muslims is very high on their agenda; actually I don't think it is ON their agenda.
For which I commend the Chinese - though not neccessarily their methods.

steve warner

I'm Steve Warner, I live in Cleveland hts. Ohio, and I dare any muzzie sand monkey to try to slaughter me and my family. I'm armed.


I'm with steve and i live in calgary canada.



Guess I'm not clear.

China obfuscates facts to control it's population - whether it be about a gone-wrong space flight or muslim savagery. The West obfuscates facts for similar reason - yet - there is NO doubt that pandering to muslims plays a huge role in the mitigating if not complete obfuscation of overt muslim agitation and violence. One suspects that China learned a long time ago that pandering to muslims hurts not helps. On the other hand - the West continues to choose to cling to their multicultural delusion and thus remains in a state of perpetual dhimmitude.

Also very interesting that regardless of continent or form of government - wherever you find a large enclave of those practicing Islam - you find gross instances of violence and barbarity.


Well put. I agree with all points in your post.
Good clarication.

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