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May 26, 2010


Infidel Task Force

This wouldn't go over in the United there would be other groups to bait the criminals and protect the victim. When the perps come out, the other group would appear and beat the shit out of them.

M Rob

What a sad state of affairs in the UK - your government has sold out your country. I love London but would never visit your country again it is not safe anymore.


Fight back. You no longer "own" your own damned country because they don't fear you. Vigilante justice IS the answer when the PC police are too busy licking "Asian" boots.


I was born in England, lived through the Blitz, was proud to tell people my parents and were all English from way back. Now I have an American passport, will not claim allegiance to UK. I am ashamed of what England has become - a cesspool of Islamic militancy, cowardly British police, craven politicians. All those who are left who fought the Nazis either in Europe or at home are distraught. The same can be seen in Europe behind the facade of main street: the growing numbers of Muslims who are the termites of civilizations moral and political structures. Send them back to their countries of origin. Put a ban on all mosques and minarets. Even the "peaceful" ones are as bad - they support the violent radical muslims


I typically denounce vigilante justice, but it surely sounds as if nojizyatax has the right idea. Get a community group together and catch these scum - if you don't beat the crap out of them, at least catch them and hold them for the police.

andrea mack

i live near barkingside and not suprisingly hadn't heard about the attack! my daughter who's 15 hates going out alone because she gets leered at by muslim men of all ages!

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