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May 05, 2010



I served in the Israeli Navy. Maybe I could get a security job in UK to keep these turds in place? Your police and courts obviously can't provide the domestic security it's supposed to. Maybe you folks need a hired security force, and I'm VERY trigger-happy.


"A 16-year-old was arrested but later released without charge."

Meanwhile a young man has had his arm broken and eye blacked and thrown into prison - without a trial - for waving an English flag and making a noise!

Warning: All the hard working, taxpaying, peace loving English are going to be leaving the country in drones!


Wow so this is what happens when you let your government destroy all of your guns - if this happened to me in front of my son - there would be no more "Asians" in my neighborhood.

jay renaud

the french call them koranimals. Time to add a new word to the OED.


You guys are going to need to allow common citizens to bear arms. Mark my words, it going to be you or them during the next generation and I hope to hell the sheer balls that could hold back and beat Hitler can wake up before it's too late. The slow motion Islamic revolution is grinding away slowly at you.

white survival

That illiterate,violant rant from that East Man tells us everything about the serious problems facing our way of life!


I am Argentinian. You have many problems with my country because "las Malvinas son argentinas" (You say Falklands) but i support your struggle against Islamization.
I love white race of everywhere. Yes. I like England. Your literature is very beautiful: Shakespeare, Moore, Byron. I like your music: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Motörhead. Yes, you are very greatest.
You must fight to survive in this world. It is very hard but that is the true.

Excuse me but my English is very little. I know Spanish and i like to write in my language. I have a blog with my things.

God bless you and thank you for all!

Abu Mohammad

You invaded our countries and now you see we are here to stay. You will bend over and take anything we feed you. The english are weak, we will own this country your daughters will be our whores, and there is nothing you can do about it. Conquered without the sword.

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