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April 13, 2010



Islam is retarded! Islamic culture is asolutely WORTHLESS! Islam offers nothing but hate and cruelty to the world. And yet the morons in governments throughout the world are lying to us all. I know the truth and a day is coming when all will know the truth. Unfortunately, most will refuse to believe the truth until it's too late. The only hope for our world is Christ. And if you don't believe that then the only other solution is to exterminate all muslims! That's right, ALL of them, every last man, woman, and child!



firstly to accuse islam of hate and cruelty and then say christianity is the way is really showing an ignorance on your part of the child marriages that used to occur in christianity, and do still happen in parts of the world. let alone all the other ills of the world caused by your particular belief.

secondly, as to your solution of exterminating all muslims, this puts you on exactly the same moral ground as hitler. so please take a minute to reflect on the situation before you start ranting on nonsensically.

finally, in no way do i support islam, nor any other religion. i also personally believe the world would better off without it, but killing all the religious people in the world would be something i would detest to the greatest amount, from the very core of my being.


>A man who has sex with a child is a paedophile

Gonna have to stop you there. Someone who has sex with a child is a child molester, pedophiles are sexually attracted. It's like saying all prison rapists are gay. All that monster is, is a rapist.

But I do agree with the rest, a lot of people are stoned to death in the middle east, and that monster that I would hesitate to call a man is one of the few who genuinely deserves some pretty sharp rocks.

And what's with those women? The one time someone actually sticks up for them, they complain about it. Are they that stupid or did their husbands make them march in the streets? Either way it shows that there are still places in these modern times that are ass-backwards.


Aries I hate to break the news to you but if you willingly find your dick up another mans ass YOU ARE GAY !
Equally the word pedophile in the common vernacular would apply to any adult who willingly puts their dick in a child.


There are all types of Liers on this Earth -

and One of the lier is you,

who mix two stories to make ISLAM bad....but you will never get success....

Show the real truth man,why you mix 2 stories...

The below picture you are showing small girs with grooms,those small girls are not brides.

does those kids looks like bride...Muslim brides.ha ha ha ha ha ha ..Idiot.

Do you know how the yemini brides look...

look here

Every Minute there are more than 1000 Rapes in USA.

Why don;t you show those stories...????

but If an Idiot Muslim did any kind of Mistake in any part of all will spread the news like Fire...Whole World will know...

this All Shows How much you guys are despirate to make ISLAM BAD.

Idiots....try it...

Allah is the Best Planner,You all will never win.

May Allah bless the died girl with Jannah,and punish the Idiot guy.

May Allah guide muslims on right path...


Learn About Islam from here...
[worship the creator,not his creation]


Those little girls are getting married, muslims don't wear white dresses, duuurrrr




islam never allowed such type of marriages.. read the scrips of islamic history..
it never said anything like go through it.. fear the lord.. as no religion NO God says to blame others.. Fear your own lord atleast..

a muslim cannot act such cruel.. see the history.. though many people tried to wipe out our islamic history.. you can still find many to read and undersatand..
Once go through.. and hope God show you the right path


Sweet, if, as you say, Islam never allowed these marriages why are they happening? Why are so many muslim men marrying little girls?


Anyone who tries to tell you that the Isloamic Law never allowed these marriages to take place, please watch this video of this Islamic expert (who cites Islamic Law) Islamic law most certainly does allow it, but in any country. They do not follow the laws of the host country. No matter what.

Against Hatred

@ Linda, you can't judge Islam based on the doings of a few muslims, which is what CNN and BBC are ever so willing to do! There are people who exaggerate rulings and invent new things in every walk of life, not only in Islam. Btw, little green footballs doesn't seem like a reliable source to be getting information on Islam from.. You should do a little research to see whether those 'laws' stated are actually authentic. I say that because something seems odd about that Islamic expert (no beard? no Islamic garb? sporting a big ring, clearly not a wedding ring and not something any Islamic scholar I know would do?...) I googled the 'scholar' and interestingly he's only known for that video you make mention of, and there's a trend in the sites that feature him (i wonder if you see it too??)
Try getting info from an authentic source i.e THE QUR'AN!


Im a muslim...I was born a muslim, and i knoww my religion so well... And there is definitly no space in the quran saying that we get married to a man the HE marries us to another!!! Which Idiot wrote that cos its definitly not a muslim scholar but someone who is trying to fill people with phobia towards Islam.
I do not have to marry anyone who i dont want...Infact i dont have to marry if i didnt want to! Young marriage is known as a disaster in Yemen, so why pick that out as islamic law. It is not an Islamic LAW. I f it was then any child from ANY age as was sed in the video SHOULD get married early...SHOULD get married...why? because its the law and no one should break the law...Now are you saying that I or my family are breaking the law? Well what happens to us now? do we go to jail? The answer is NO.

Young Marriage Is not An Islamic Law...Show me other things you watch and tend to believe...And don't forget to search twice or more for something you really want to know the answer to.


islam is a pure evil to its core.

'M' Hughes

Again, we have Muslims defending Islam.

Putting this ideology before human decency and life is appalling, but to understand it you must understand Islam - which many Muslims themselves do not.

The only thing they DO understand, is the hellfire that awaits them. They have an angel on both shoulders. One records their sins and the other their virtues. It's somewhat like accounting, but the stakes are higher if they get it wrong.

Defending Islam - no matter what - ensures the angel that records their 'virtues' runs back to tell Al'lah how faithful they have been.

Blind faith and blind defence IS another virtue that adds to the weight of virtues that will save them on judgement day.

Primitive, aren't they?

Anyway, The Qur'an does not say anything about child marriages, but seeing as the man they hold up to be the most pious - Mohammed, took littled Aisha from her swing and married her at 9 years old is suggestive of a lot.

And that, my friends is what it is all about. Following the ways of the 'prophet'.


Oh my God! How can anyone in this world stand by and watch this continue? Even the pictures are awful! This is nothing but pure rape and slaughter of little girls!


I am appalled that such torture that ends to death of a child that her own family supported and her mother even encouraged. I am appalled that media in middle east are so indifferent. I am appalled of the no reaction and no forceful action . The combination of ignorance, religious tyranny and lack of honest and effective leadership are the real offenders here.


@ M Hughes, if I accused whatever the heck you believe in with a false accusation you'd be an idiot and a coward not to defend it. The muslims here that are defending Islam are doing it merely for the reason that if they don't, people like you will only continue to live in your delusional little worlds for the rest of your lives. This tragedy, is a classic case of CULTURAL -wait, lemme repeat that again cus some of you haters might not have caught that- CULTURAL practices that have got next to nothing to do with religion. You're all insane if you really believe that there is some connection. First off, forced ANYTHING in Islam is forbidden. Forced marriage, forced sex (i.e. rape) even in marriage, forcing anyone to become muslim (i.e. by "sword" as some ignorant ppl like to call it) and so on are NOT allowed. So um,to put it simply, that man wasn't following Islam. End of discussion. What more of an explanation do you need? The marrying of really young girls during Prophet Muhammad's time was a common practice. Mostly because everyone's life span was so freaking short. I bet every single person has an ancestor who was a child bride from an ancient civilization and a great great great great great(etc.) grand daddy who's wife was like 40 yrs years younger than him and married off to him when she was like 12. Read some history books for Gods sake. That didn't make them paedophiles. There was no such term back then anyway. And back then, you were considered a woman the minute you had ur period...and that goes for what non-muslims believed back in the day too. And I'm sure there were rules on how to go about marrying these little girls...well I'm sure the muslims had rules, I don't know about the non-muslim "paedophiles" though. The reason you'll find people still doing it today is because it's all about(listen up) CULTURE. They still find it culturally acceptable to marry little girls. It's not because it's Islamic Law as some of you obviously knowledge lacking ppl deem it to be. There's no such thing that says a man must marry a little girl or that it's better to. The fact that any of you can believe that is just so astounding. Where's everyone getting their info from? Jeez. FGM is another case of cultural insanity that is confused with religion. Islam has no such flipping practice! If freaking tattoo's and body piercings(on anywhere non-acceptable) are not allowed on muslims simply because they're not allowed to do anything to their bodies then wtf makes you ppl think that mutilating female genitals would be allowed?! Use your brains people, I'm sure they're in there somewhere.If people are using religion to justify their crimes that doesn't make the religion bad. Accuse the people, they're the corrupt monsters. Half of you don't have a clue about Islam anyway. This was a sick and disgusting act and I feel sorry for the little girl and hope she rests in peace, but reading the comments under the article disgust me even more.


Type this "Dr: Zakir Naik about Hijab" on Youtube and you'll see for yourself!

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