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April 15, 2010


john in cheshire

You may not assert that obama is a closet muslim, but that is what I think he is. We are suffering in the UK from the swamping of our country with muslims; we have a socialist government (communist in many peoples eyes). We know that muslims and socialists/communists cohabit. I had hoped the USA would be there, again, to extricate us from the depths of the abyss. But my fear is that the USA is also contaminated by the virus of socialist/communist/islam dictatorship. If so, where do we normal people go for help?


It isn't just the US and US which is under siege. Even Asian countries like India and China are rapidly sliding towards islamic chaos. I was hoping that the West would have answers but apparently we are all in this together.



"It isn't just the US and Europe which are under siege"

My apologies.


wow. that's pretty ridiculous. better go put on your tin foil hat.


check out the running totals at


I realize this is months overdue, but I just ran across this while doing research concerning a similar report on FOX.

I assume you have since realized that the crescent design is a stylized depiction of an electron whirling around an atom - which gosh gee makes a lot of sense for a nuclear conference, doesn't it?

-- hippieprof

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