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April 18, 2010



I'm glad that you've posted this. As this clip was taken from a television drama designed to stigmatise English nationalism, the character delivering the lines is made to lapse into a call for violence at the peroration of his speech and the camera work and music leave no room for doubt that we are supposed to be revolted by the man and the words that he speaks. Nonetheless, the speech itself is passionate, articulate and apposite. Elements draw upon Enoch Powell's speech "What England Means to Me" ( which was delivered to The Royal Society of St George in London on St George's Day in 1961. At the time, Powell was Minister of Health.

Watch, and listen to a speech that resonates with the contemporary concerns of the common people of England; a people ignored and reviled in their own land by a contemptuous and contemptible political elite.

john in cheshire

Hear, Hear.


Excellent video!

Even we, the silent majority in India are looking to UK for leadership in solving the problem of Islamisation.

If the West falls, all will be lost.

Wherever I look, I see the death of truth.


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