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April 02, 2010



Just start stopping immigrants. When word gets back to Afghanistan andall the other shithole-istans that native brits are stopping immigrants they might think twice about coming in the first place.

Stout Viking

Occupation, anyone?

So, when millions of Muslims immigrate outside their sandbox to live in Western Democratic countries it's "Multiculturalism", but when some Jews build a settlement in JUDea it's suddenly "occupation".

Ah, I see the logic. With this logic the day is close to when Non-Muslim Europeans and North Americans will have to bow to Sharia laws and have their daughters raped to then be forced to marry to their rapists.


tony mitchell

Why should us ENGLISH Be scared to let our children out without bein watched I swear to almighty god IF anyone of these dickheads layed ONE finger on any of my kids I would serve life they do not deserve to breathe the same air as normal folk !!!! ESPECIALLY ENGLISH .


Raping a woman in the back of an ice-cream van? Why was none of this in the major papers? It's the first I've heard of it. Meh I don't buy it.


Poor them, because they have the powers doesn't mean the world has no right to know.


As far as naming the race of the "perps",we all know that that is not kosher right?,except in the case you are White." This is just more of same daily routine of Zog.The "conditioning process goes on,the sheeple are being groomed and prepared for the "sacrificial altar of zionism and the New World Order."

Laura, Adult Tricycle

It is sad to read such story and I feel sorry to that little girl. The incident will going to impact her whole life.

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muslims are cowards,they're crazy maniacs criticizing the westerners morality but the reality is their're worst than the devil himself!!!!!!

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