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March 25, 2010



No means yes...You have no idea how true that statement is in the sick minds of mohammadan males.

I have gone toe to toe with those filthy creatures for many years (Since 1986). And not one of them has understood that "no" does indeed mean "NO!"

Here is the usual scenario which is identical, almost word for word, with every disgusting mohammadan male I've had the misfortune of meeting in person and online. These encounters were brought on by the simple fact that I am a non-mohammadan female. I neither encourage nor look for these interactions. Many other non-mohammadan women have to endure these encounters simply because those disgusting creatures called muslims do not have the capacity to respect the word "NO." Here is a sampling of what abuse we non-mohammdan women have to put up with:

mohammadan: "You me sex yes?" "Can we fuck?" "You love sex?"

Me: "NO!"

mohammadan: "Why?"

Me: I said "no." Please leave me alone.

mohammadan: "I good fucker man." "You like in ass?" "mine penis 18 cm!"

Me: Please leave me alone. I said no. If you persist there will be consequences.

mohammadan: "Why you so 'sticky'?" "Are you lesbian."

Me: I said no. Now get the hell out of my face!

mohammadan: "Prostitute!"

Me: A prostitute says yes for money. My answer will always be NO. Now please desist!

mohammadan: "Whore!" "You fucked by many men now you fuck me!" I fuck your ass!"

Me: Spoken like a true mohammadan. They teach you those words in the kuran?

mohammadan: "You fucked bad by muslim!" "I fuck you all family's ass!"

Me: No muslim has or ever will will touch me. I would rather eat glass than have any relationship with any mohammdan.

mohammadan: "whore, bitch! I fuck u ass and cut your head!"

Me: While you're at it cut both your heads, now kindly piss off!"

mohammadan: "Why so aggressive!" "You aggressive bitch!" "You need psychologist!"

And so the threats against the kafir woman and her family continue ad nauseum. This is absolutely typical behaviour from mohammdan males. In their sick and twisted psyches a kafir woman has absolutely no right to say no to them. There must be some hidden hadith titled "How to deal with uppity kafir whores who dare to say no to you" for they all use the same "lines."

Now, before you equally disgusting lefties scream "it's just their culture!" stop, think and tell me which culture? I've been on the receiving end of those verbal assaults almost word for word from Arab mohammadans, African mohammadans, Asian mohammadans, Turkish mohammadans, Canadian mohammadans and even one POS American reverted mohammadan.

It can't be a man thing because I've never had a Jew, Hindu, Maoist, Taoist, Buddhist, Atheist or Satanist call me prostitute, whore, threaten to rape me and my family, call me aggressive for daring to say no or tell me I need psychological help because I get offended by the threats and insults. Not one. Not even close. The above filth has only come from mohammadan's vile mouths.

So, which culture is it, lefties? African, Pakistani, Indian, Malaysian, Phillipino, Turkish, Arabic, American, Canadian? Which one is to blame?


@Istanbul_chick: the late anti-islamic writer and activist Oriana Fallaci had this to say about muslim men:

"...there is something about muslim men, that makes women with good tastes vomit......"Oriana Fallaci +2006.



She always was spot on about mohammadans.

I absolutely agree with her 100%.

The only "kafir whores" who need psychological help are the disgusting (usually fat and/or old) ones who have relations with mohammadan males.

My husband and I were strolling through a touristic area here in Istanbul. We spotted a mohammadan playing tonsil-hockey with what looked to be a prime grade A American hefer (at least 150 kilos). My husband yelled out "he's lying! You're also considered fat in Turkish culture!"

The military needs a new branch: The Fatty F*ckers. Their duty would be to marry the fattys/kooks/grannies so these dumb broads stop marrying and importing more mohammadans into the west.

Of course, those brave men of the Fatty F*ckers would be paid life-time combat pay.


Well.. actually their acts are just like dominating, and before drawing any decision they don't even feel the urge to think on it what will be the results?


Thats not right, The truth of Islam is that we do respect the word 'No' and most mohammadan males you meet online are disgusting hooligans but thats not what Islam and Quran teaches us, i am a mohammadan and i know how disgusting some mohammadan males act and talk online but that is not what Islam teaches us as a religion and all of the rude disgusting mohammadan males dont give a damn about their own religion.

for whoever wrote the first comment please do not judge us all to what you described, that is not how muslims are and any filthy disgusting man of that kind isn't considored a true faithful muslim, like you ive met all kinds of filthy disgusting muslim men online which pretty much makes me very sad about how these brainless filthy males of our culture and religion give us muslims a very bad public reputation.


Every single culture or religion has both negative and positive reactions and activities, and we here in the muslim world have all kind of negative reactions but that doesn't deny the positive of the religion it self, if muslim teenagers are learning bad thoughts and reactions from TV, Web, etc that doesn't make it the Quran or Islam it's self teaching us, as i said i have seen all kinds of muslim negative behaviors online and i hate it, however i have also seen these behaviors in Hindu, Jews, Buddhists, Athiests, and Christians.

This is a translated (Arabic to English) from the Holy Quran:

'Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the foolish' (i.e. don't punish them).

Talking about good manners and peacful behavior.



I have no idea what your saying about mohammadans in turkey, but if you really have a problem with that you should go move to europe or north america assuming you are in turkey, and besides, turkey is known a islamic country with more than 70 percent muslims but unfortunately most of these are seculars.

your saying 'the west', im not sure where exactly, but if your talking about turkey then, what'd you expect its already an islamic mohammadan country why try to confirm its due to the fatties marrying mohammadans and importing them to the west (turkey or any other country), and thats not what is happening anyways, we muslims do not have any ridiculous relationships with western people but if your talking about turkey then its simply turkish people having relationships with other turkish people, whom are basically all muslims.
however, how do you know a guy playing tonsil hockey is mohammadan, is he wearing islamic clothes and having a french kiss?? (i dont think so) its probably just another secular turkish geek.

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