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March 29, 2010


Edward Howell

Nice people are often taken advantage of by bronze age morons. Kick the silly bastards out.


These comedians ought to be taught that "if you live in Rome you ought to act like a Roman"



Infadel Chris

Are you really suprised at this??
Islam has never co-existed in peace along side any other culture on the planet, why should we be different....
This is just the beginning.


Happily adopting this Kafir multiculturalism, many migrants have successfully integrated with the host nation. This has enhanced their life style, quality of living, and a good perception of human bondage. They are pleased to practice their respective religions with full freedom, and maintain their tradition and culture without encroaching on others freedom to do so. There is, however, one exception—Islam. Islam is at odds with this Kafir Multiculturalism, even though they use this policy to their advantage.

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