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March 13, 2010



To understand why no real Muslim would be a violent extremists, while so many violent extremists are Muslim, you need to study Islam's history going back 1400 years and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. It's free with the Historyscoper, get started by clicking

Iain UK

Nice to see this muzzy scum upholding the virtues of islam regarding alcohol. Only they seem to think that is an acceptable defence. Strange that on so many levels.


All muslim males should be castrated befoe they can enter the USA.


He's going upstate for a good long while!


If this means the construction site is going to lack Muslim diversity, then that is worse than the assault.


I hope she has ten brothers just waiting for that thug to get out on bail.

Pedro Gomez

Another good representation of the religion of peace, Islam, a cult created by a murderer named Muhammad (MAY PISS BE UPON HIM!)

Godfrey deBouillon

Iain & H. Groves: certainly infidel apes caught at such crimes SHOULD be castrated ON THE SPOT--here, in Europe and Canada too!I'll tell you two something: I'm not sure but I think Muslim men believe they can't enter paradise ball-less. Nice fringe benefit to such an act, wouldn't you say? And here's to this scumbag going to ATTICA to be 'fresh meat' there!!


I think either the law starts doing something to protect our society against these Muslims or people should start carrying something in self defence. This is getting to uterly rediculous. Maybe it would hurt if these women start taking up self defence boy, imagine if a muslim started on a women who held a black belt and didn’t know it Ha Ha would it look good on him.


You can see the sort of sickening attitude, helping to prove your well-referenced article, on of of the comments - BL@CKBIRD has sickeningly claimed that this article is worse than thebeating and rape (or attempted rape) for telling the truth about Islam. Disgusting and vile comment.


This is not true in Islam no man have right to rape or abuse any women. In Islam it says to respect all religion n woman. People who don't no Islam shouldn't judge all the Muslims. I am an American n Muslim. and rape is a sin in Islam.

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