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February 26, 2010


john in cheshire

It's almost certain that the muslims will get away with it. And do it again, escalating the level of violence each time until they kill a white boy. Because that's what they really want to do. Until the white population of white England start to retaliate against the muslims living here, this will just get worse.

Truth Detector

Will the Brits do something this time to stop Muslim crime? I doubt it.

I've noticed that Britain is something like our country. When Whites commit a crime against Blacks, it's a hate crime. However, when Blacks commit a crime against Whites, it's "hoodlums who attacked innocent victims."


How embarrasing for the Brits. They were once considered a great people and a great country. Now they cower to there invited guests. What happen to you ?


What is go great about them anymore? The "once great" British people have lost their willingness to fight and shed blood on their own soil for their freedom. These thugs get away with it because the Brits don't kick the stuffing out of them every time they pull this type of stunt. The Labour Party has made the once proud Brits a bunch of serfs. It is sad.

Stephen Gash

It is not just the Labour Party it is the Liberal Democrats (never has there been a worst named party) and the Conservatives.

They are known as the LibLabCON!

If you are English vote for ANYONE but the LibLabCON!

Lemac the cameL

Sooner or later the British people will have to stand up and totally defeat the mohamedon invader, emigrate or surrender and live as dhimmis and slaves.
Now, what about the UK's nuclear arsenal?


We have to see what happens in the coming elections. I know non-muslim immigrants who are going to be voting for (and joining) the BNP.

The idea of defending civil freedoms is too vague (and too easily claimed by faux-liberals and their Human Rights Act). I abjured nationalism all my life, but now I recognize it is what we need to bring us together to stem the tide of islamization.


I feel sorry for the humans still in the once-proud and now sullied UK. Incidents like this will eventually awaken civilized people into action. But it will take many many more incidents.


Why do English people call such people Asians. They are no Asians. Asians like Japanese, Chinese, Koreans would never ever do that. Calling them Asians is an insult to real Asians.


What is it with you English people?? Mr. Churchill, would have never let anything like this happen. Wake up you guys! Never never never ever give up! Stand up for your country, your beloved England! kick these motherfuckers outta there and their islamic bullshit!!


Its time this stopped! The non muslim's of our Great British nation need to stand up to this scum.

Let me say though it is unfair to label these pricks as Asian, because the Asian community cannot be judged by one group of animals (muslims).

Everyday I deal with lovely Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Chinese people and many other non religious people who have been abused by this rat like race! Everytime these animals attacking in greater numbers than their victims! (pussies) Its time to stop this!

Be proud to stand up to this scum, Starting today if you get the chance to beat on a muslim I hope you do it! What a country this would be without them.

Everyday 'Islam' has our Great Britain bent over a barrel! IT STOPS TODAY!



Dear God please please grow a set people!!!!!!!!! Stop kissing everybody ass for the sake of political corretness!!!!!!! Stick together this is a cancer and they are taken over by force and people are lying down and taking it!!!! Stand up and fight to keep your freedom and your way of life!!! Either "guests" to your country live peacfully or get their asses handed to them!!!!

sajid khaliq

well well i guess this has to always be about muslim init well when a white gangs does something like this none one brags about it its like it neva happend and a muslim gangs does something it goes over and over and over agian thts wht we call racist becouse u stick to your own a fight the other na thts not right the white people that do crime like tht deserve the same as them muslim people that have done tht to me they dnt clase there self as muslim ur makin them muslim becouse if there was muslim true muslim they wouldnt do tht so anyways my point is everyone everycolour is the same white black or muslim everyone young child does shit like tht it should stop for all not just MUSLIM


Hey khaliq,
Listen muzzie.
Your own religion condones these actions of violence. It has nothing to do with race.If your a muslim, your just as sorry as this bitch here, who is white as newly driven snow;

Here is what your "religion" commands you to do . I suggtest you get on with it. Maybe if you become violent enough, people will start the retaliation process.

Your filthy Islamic religion is very easy to understand, and certainly no cherry picking is needed. There are over 707 verses (over 63,000 words) of curses, hate, finger chopping, head and hand mutilations, chopping off of feet, wife beatings, death to every one that does not believe, kill Jews and Christians where ever they are found—and every other carnage an insane Mohammad could think of.
There are 114 chapters in the Koran and about every one has curses, coercion, intimidation, extortion, taxing non-believers or kill them, slavery, lying for Allah, intolerance, not to mention world domination with every kind of slaughter imaginable. Not mention that women are counted as half human because they have half the rights of a man as a witness in a court of vomitable Sharia law.

What are you nuts or something? You think we have not read the filthy Koran and studied the Hadith? These book are not written by any kind god but a total lunatic that escaped out the insane asylum.

You dare teach this crap to children? Hang your head in utter shame, how can you lie so much and then sleep at night?

Here is the Koran with all the stupid moon god myths thrown out:

You can verify with the full text found here:

There is no cherry picking, it is the entire book of savagery, brutality, slaughter, war, how to lie, and how to spread terror.

To cut you off at the pass, we are not talking about the bible or any other religion, we are talking about the Koran and Islam so stay focused.

There is NO WAY Mohammad could be a prophet of god—not even possible as he married Ashia a nine-year old (that is rape), along with 11-12 other wives, not to mention all the sex slaves he acquired. He beheaded 700 Jews in a village after they surrendered, robbed caravans, ordered assignations, and slaughter his way all over Saudi in all the horrid brutality imaginable.

Islam is not a religion of peace— it is a religion of war and death, brutality to women, and gross intolerance, just as it is shown today worldwide. Nothing has changed in 1400 years. When Muslims run out pagans to kill, they kill each other, and in between that they are busy chopping out little girls genitals as Mohammed approved of, and as is done to 80% of all the girls in Islamic Egypt.

What are you a spy from Pakistan or something? Are you on the parole of the Saudi to come to the net and post your filth trying to deceive all you can? Well, we have YOUR Islamic holy books, and they are being posted all over the net—the sins of Mohammad have been found out and they are simply horrible. People are rejecting Islam by the tens of thousands every day.

Here is a crash course of Islamic trash, and the garbage life that Mohammad lived.

This is just a small sample of the Koran and the Hadith that is all over the net.

I mean NO harm to you, as the first victims of Islam are Muslims. However you come to America and we have freedom of speech and NO Mohammad terrorist has changed that. Any one can study this out, it is not that hard and certainly NO mystery. You would do well to drop your Islamic beliefs in the dung heap where they belong.

Now you have a good day, and stay out of trouble. We have laws in the USA and I would not recommend you break any of them.

Bill Gibbons

Quite right, Mark. Islam is a cult and the Muhammedians are breeding like a virus. Time for all UK families to buy a dog and train it well. The Muzzies won't like it when dozens of large, well-fed and properly trained canine defenders start prowling their neighbourhoods with their white owners.

BPIS Co., Ltd.

CCTV help




Wow, you people make me more sick than I can say.


If this was the 1980s, and ten skinheads boarded the train, accidentally stumbling upon the "kiss my boots, infidel" scene, those muzzies would have sh*t running down their legs.


Were they caught eventually?


You dont integrate,you dont mix nor do you educate yourself in Britain.If you'r in England,you should call yourself an English.If you dont like it here,why dont you just get out of England ??
Who the hell invited you??

Turning Winds Site

These teens who bully other teens most definitely need to be reprimanded and be sent to residential treatment centers to reform them from their bad behavior. The poor helpless teens that got victimized will surely feel traumatized from the experience. Something should be done to stop the bullies.

אומנויות לחימה

I try to identify people who want to talk about the image in connection with robberies on the rail service between Blake Street and New Street Station.

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