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February 07, 2010


john in cheshire

Well done Treo. As you say, (civilised) man's best friend is his dog. In the pecking order, I would always put a dog before a muslim. But that's just me. I'd put a pig before them too. And a monkey.

Gary Rumain

I can't help but notice that the dog's black too!


John, "I would always put a dog before a muslim" I would say the same. You can trust a dog, but you can't trust a muslim, remember Maj Neidal who killed 14 of his own colleagues at Fort Hood? Muslims are forbidden to own a dog.


If muslims believe that God created Dogs and made them filthy and unclean then they are admitting that their God is capable of creating something un-perfect.......ergo.....muslims believe in an un-perfect God.

Meanwhile back on planet reality.....we love dogs...GOD BLESS THEM.

Account Deleted

May God the bless the dogs,
I made a pdf capture of British launching stamp in honor of the life saving dogs.


At my local park there is a dog everyone tries to avoid. It's agressive,steals other dogs toys,and tries to hump every other dog,male or female,young or old.
We've nicknamed him Mohammad.


Dogs are good enough to use for fighting? As anything these savages touch, it becomes perverted and gruesome. mohammad was a pedo and endorsed homosexuality in heaven. i thought it would be difficult to stick your penis into anything in the afterlife if you blew it off in a suicide bombing.

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