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January 21, 2010


john in cheshire

If it was Christians killing muslims, there would be world-wide outrage. But because it is, as usual, muslims killing Christians, no one bats an eyelid. How many Christians do these devil-worshippers have to kill before the civilised nations wake up and start to defend our Christian brothers?


Quite right John.
To answer your question (in part):
This is a mere "drop in the ocean" of Kaffir blood.
We hear (almost all the time) about "genocide" etc in Daffur which is Moslem/moslem killing and I grant in the 100K death range.
No doubt it is appalling, but the press was largely dis-interested in the real genocide that took place in southern Sudan - that cost betwen 1.5 and 2 Million kaffirs their lives, but was never reported as "genocide" or anything similar.

So, the answer is a very large and indefinite number.
Let us not forget that the world has had ~1400 years of kaffir-killing. As a result I suspect that we are quite inured to it and consider it "normal" behaviour for the mussalman once he is in control - hence the lack of outrage.
Unfortunately the non-Islamic world has never learnt the lesson of "hanging together", as a result we are being slowly hung separately.

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