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January 10, 2010



700,000 signatures are not enough to combat your own government and elected officials who have sold your rights and freedoms for Arab oil money. I am not a violent person, but sadly what is needed is about 700 young British blokes with bats to beat the living daylights out of this scum when they try to insult your soldiers in public. England, country of Henry V, Nelson, and Churchill - where is your courage?


whats needed is a new government, and sadly none of the old money pc whores in politics now are up to the job.

Lemac the cameL

In 1290 the English expelled the peaceful and hard working Jews, they were the problem.
Fast forward 700 years, Britain enthusiastically imports millions of izlamonian savages.
The Jews: eager contributors to society.
The mohamedons: eager murderers of infidels, rapists, plunderers, pillagers and general all around scum.
British strategy: keep out the Nobel prize winners and keep the Noble savages.
What a winner !


At last it would appear that Islam 4 UK has been banned and the march is not going ahead. About bloody time that our cowardly "government" did something about these islamist scumbags.

I'm almost disappointed that the proposed march though Wootton Bassett didn't go ahead, Choudary's mob would have had the absolute shit kicked out of them...


Britain can only blame itself for the radical muslim problem. Political correctness has taken over. The Brits have two choices: take back their country, or lose it entirely to islam...

Good find, TheO...

Anyone who knows anything at all about Islam knows that sooner or later if you start to challenge it, threats and violence are never far from surfacing.

Thankfully it appears us long-suffering Brits are slowly beginning to wake up..


The only reason the UK encouraged so much immigration in the last 50 years was in an attempt to weaken the unions and to keep wages down. During WW2 women left their homes and ran the factories; after the war they were encouraged back into domesticity. Geert Wilders makes the point very well: since immigrants were invited into European countries supposedly because they would benefit our economies, let's see the statistics showing that they are net contributors, not parasites. The Dutch government refuses to provide him with the statistics.

Before anyone says this is racist: I'm the child of immigrants, and married to a third world immigrant.

The mainstream media refuse to publish the government's own statistics: 1) muslims are 3% of the UK population, but 12% of the UK prison population (and the same thing can be found in the US, India, and the rest of Europe). 2) Mohammed was the 2nd most popular name for baby boys in 2009. 3) In countries like Bangladesh "Mein Kampf" is one of the most popular books.

Many immigrants in the UK have had an easy time in the last 25 years. They can thank the fundamentalist muslims for the anti-immigrant backlash that's coming. It's no wonder that there are afro-caribbean members of organizations like the English Defence League.

john in cheshire

All muslims are our (the indigenous population of England) enemy. And our enemies must be totally and utterly destroyed. I'm just waiting for the general uprising of our country so that I can help to exact the justice they so thoroughly deserve. If you tell your inferiors often enough that they are your equal, they will eventually come to believe that they are actually your superior. That's what is now happening.


islam is a political movement hell bent on world domination. Islam means Submission and not peace which was coined by the muslim brother-hood of egypt.

john in cheshire

islam - a cult based on hate. the followers of islam - genetic defectives who should be culled from normal society.

ffxiv gil

They can thank the fundamentalist muslims for the anti-immigrant backlash that's coming. It's no wonder that there are afro-caribbean members of organizations like the English Defence League.


What's required is a newfangled legislature, and tragically none of the old coin pc prostitutes in politics now are dependent upon the work.

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