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January 30, 2010


john in cheshire

I will be surprised if Channel 4 don't play down the muslim basis for the attacks. I think if something like that happened to me, I would spend the rest of my life making muslims pay for what they did; for, certainly the courts will not do so.

anthonys wifey

That makes me sick. People need to be educated, because in this case, ignorance is NOT bliss.


I live half a mile from this pub, and I didn't even hear about this attack until I read it here.

The mass media in the UK are determined to keep these things hidden from us. A similar attack to this happened in Tower Hamlets too in 2007. That story was also kept out of the mass media, and only received a slight mention after the trial concluded and a small sub-section of the crowd of muslim attackers (armed with hammers and machetes had left one man with half his face missing) had been sent to prison (

It either of these stories had been a gang of white men attacking muslims it would have been on the national news for the following years.


I would like to say, that in not one English newspaper did they say it was MUSLIMS who did this.

I have only found out through a US blog.

This is a dirty, dhimmi gov we have hear in UK.
Today I learned 2 top UK politicians, Harriet Harman, head of the House of Commons, and Ed Milliband, "Climate" Minister are to share a platform with an avowed islamic terrorist, who was himself given a job in the Foreign Office, advising(can you believe this) ministers and top people in gov, on foreign policy! this can be read at


If that'd happen here, there would be riots and the houses of the perpetrators would be ran down with bulldozers.

I don't know, maybe I should feel a bit better about my country that at least our media doesn't sweep such crap under the carpet and our police would get every one of them.


Brits ! how many of your citizens is your government going to sacrifice on the "alter of political correctness "?
War is being waged against you from within your own borders!


Dearest Brits , in America we have the perfect defensive weapon , it is legal and has greater reach ,in order to fend off a hammer attack - it's called a BASEBALL BAT , they come in Aluminum and Wood , and it is very easy to master its use .
My dear freinds across the pond .....know well that it is the only language these barbarians understand .


Once a muslim becomes aware of his mohamedan roots and it's subsequent relgious dogma , all non-muslims become THE ENEMY.
Any means used to vanquish such enemies , are acceptable -ANY ! Not only does this become an imperative , but it is given religious license - hence you will never hear any outcry or condemnation [other than lip-service ]coming froim the "so called moderate muslims " which in truth and reality is a mythical term , used by those non-muslims for the purpose of self-deception .


Dear Brits , two of the four men of the 20th century I admire most were Colonel Sleeman and the Great Winston Churchill .
Sleedman stood up against and brought about the downfall of the most savage Thuggees , whilst Winston stood up against and defied the most vicious savages the modern world had ever seen .
It's time to stand up again !



Asian does not equal Muslim. For all you know the religion could have been hindu, sikh, christian, or more likely no religion. The presence of a vodka bottle in the attack makes it somewhat unlikely that these were devout muslims, and more likely to be a group of drunk lads with no moral convictions.


Uhhhh.....yea ....ok . how is life with your head in the sand .


Chris, your attempt to argue that these were in all likelihood not muslims is extremely far-fetched. The area of London where this attack took place has virtually no sikhs or hindus. The entire borough is 40% muslim; the local schools have less than 1% white kids. The local council has even taken to naming one part of the borough as "Banglatown", because the muslims have succeeded in driving out all the white people.

The vodka bottle is not the significant fact. The significant facts are a) the number involved in the attack (30) and b) the use of hammers. The similar attack on the Clichy Estate a couple of years ago also consisted in the attempted murder of a couple of white men by a gang of muslim men (estimated to be around 30 too). In the Clichy attack they also were armed with hammers and machetes.

When we had trouble with gangs of muslim teenagers near my home, we found that they had hidden hammers in the bushes. On a subsequent occasion when the police were called out and some teenagers were searched, they were also found to have hammers.

Don't you see the pattern here?


Still, Asian gang, not Muslim. Religion has nothing to do with the attack. London's gang culture is to blame.


Chris it seems accepts the "pc " euphemism "asian " knowing full well it is muslims .

New years , a bar , alcohol consuming infidels , radicalized muslim youths , inculcated hatred of the west and things western ....connect the dots Chris .


It will get worse and worse until you submit to Shari'a. They are immigrating more every day, and they are having 10 times more babies than you. But you voted for it and you will keep voting for it until you have no vote left, and then....?


the only way to deter young jihadists is to nullify their citizenship and deport their whole family to the shithole they originate from.then soon you'll see the parents taking responsibilty of their feral spawn and alerting authorities rather than make excuses for islamism.

steve bronfman

Fucking terrible stuff. The UK government is useless.

Please see my blog;

Lots more examples of creeping Jihad.

Mystical Time Traveler

This is what happens when:

1. You let Muslims in your country.

2. Give them special rights.

3. Take the guns away from people.


David Barry was one of my best friends where we grew up in Robinson Road, Bethnal Green. I can't believe this has happened. When we grew up in the area, the Teachers essentially begged us to mingle with the Muslims, who obviously wanted nothing to do with any non-Mulims.

Just look at the World around you. Name me a Country at War that does not involve Islam. This crew are just a massive world-wide virus.


The guy who says that these were probabably not muslims has clearly got his head up his own ass. If he were to live in that part of London then he would know that you are either white or you are muslim. And as more and more white people are leaving the area as more and more musilms move in it is quite clear that the gang involved were indeed muslims. As for the 'gang culture' commentdoesn't this guy know that these cowards alwas carry out their attacks in a gang, if the numbers were even then they wouldn't dream of starting a fight. They only do so when they overwhelmingly outnumber their victims. They are nothing but scum that don't deserve to walk on the face of this earth.


y u tryin to say dat bout muslim jus say asians ini dats jus being racist

To racist commentz bout muslims

U white fukin honkeez u all thing ur so top wiv ur shit dogz but really us asians would batter your whole generation if ur fukin racist again

Iain UK

'U white fukin honkeez u all thing ur so top wiv ur shit dogz but really us asians would batter your whole generation if ur fukin racist again'

My apologises, I'm unable to understand your diatribe due to the unfortunate fact of my education and that I can only decipher correctly spelt and structured English. What is it your actually trying to say? From what I can tell you are under some sort of delusion that you speak for all of the Asians when you state 'but really us asians would batter your whole generation if ur fukin racist again' Strange that you call us 'U white fukin honkeez' and feel that it is appropriate to incite further violence and then have the audacity to call us racist. Again my apologises if that is not your meaning,as I've said it is really hard to make out what you mean. If I can offer a small word of advice though, it is time for you to grow up and let go off you mothers teat.



I'm from Toronto, Canada, i came across this post which caught my attention, for the media to assume and point fingers at the muslim sect, is wrong!
it's like reporting to the world that we just found a group christian rapists and murderers!, or a group of jew's who were breaking into peoples homes and stealing their belongings!
do you understand the impact this has?
this is a propaganda to mentally attack the muslims.
"I suggest the reporter to really do his work, instead of gathering whatever he can in a matter of one day and presenting it to the world"

stand up to the bully..

To the moron from Canada, the alien speaking inbread that spells honkys with a z instead of an s, and that other thing whose name ends with jihad, you all should just get back up the festering hole that you and your friends call a whore for a mother that incubated you and stay there, do you think the rest of the civilised world will sit back forever and let you rock apes push your sharia laws and devil worshiping bullshit onto the rest of us? sure some countries like Briton have made a big mistake and allowed the scum of the earth to take over it, but the rest of the world is watching as as you evil slime slowly make your way into other places, and they can see whats happening to Briton, just keep up your mindless false belif that you are going to take over, your not the first bunch of misguided fools to think you can do it, history has proven time and time again that any group of thugs, murders and rapists that have tried, have always failed, keep breeding your maniac pigs of war children, just as the nazis tried, and see where it gets you, dont think that the good people of this world will let you do it,you are a cursed race and it is yourselfs that will in the end destroy yourself, because of your hatred and rejection of all things good in this world, you are already 2000 years behind the rest of the world, and the way you all carry on will just send you even back further in time, you all go from odditys in a zoo, to projects in a science lab and then ulimatley just a bad memory in the history books, good bye.

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