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January 03, 2010



I'm sorry to say that some US based experts on radical Islam have a serious blindspot when it comes to the source of the main threat to the US.
What a pity that the US commentators didn't read their own press...
"The man charged with the Christmas bombing attempt of an airliner headed for Detroit took classes at an Islamic institute in Houston that has a branch in metro Detroit, an institute leader said Wednesday.

Nigerian defendant Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, in federal custody in Milan, attended classes in 2008 in Houston at the AlMaghrib Institute, said institute Vice President Waleed Basyouni."
From the Metro Detroit paper.
Put this together with the presence for several years of an extremist training camp (complete with firing ranges, assault courses etc) in NEW YORK STATE (See Faith Freedom International: "The case of the missing muslims, why is Islamberg now a ghost town") and I hope my point is taken.
It would be just as reasonable to assume that Muttalib's radicalisation took place in the US.

the trajedy is that in the end it will be the US that suffers if it continues with the finger-pointing and castigation all those around it without adequately taking account of the truly "home-grown" threats.

Neither do I believe that the UK needs lessons about "ghettoisation" from the US, given the utterly squalid conditions under which the US is prepared to see its poorest citizens live and especially if we swop the words "muslims" for "blacks".

that said, the article is quite correct to point out that the UK has lax immigration controls and over-generous benefits for migrants and that the current government is over-obsessed with multi-culturalism.
this though is shifting - the new emphasis is on "social cohesion" (problem is no-one has yet truly defined what that means, never mind how to achieve it).
However, I do find it odd that a US based writer seems to be objecting to "freedom of speech" (much greater in the US than the UK) and "human rights" (ditto).


Excellent commentary jonc! I agree especially with the observation that the USA has a wide blind spot as to Islamist activities within it's own borders. Unfortunately the same ideologies and freedoms you list & we cherish facilitate muslim colonisation and proselytizing (in both countries).

I do agree tho' that Britain has long gone overboard with pandering to muslims - egregiously to the detriment of it's own indigenous population. That is simply wrong. But I fear that the USA, particularly under the current government, is not too far behind.

john in cheshire

I hope our friends in the US continue to point out the flaws in my country's political dogma. Because I don't think we can change it from within. Maybe our only hope will be from outside countries, such as the US. My fear is that we are all contaminated by the same pro-muslim, anti-Christian wickedness that is pervading the Western world.


russia, the u.s.,britain, france,italy,etc,.-all making the same mistake:allowing too many migrants in who've been the de facto enemies of the pan european cultures since mohammad

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