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January 15, 2010



I have actually read the pdf document and I cannot agree with sentiments like "this draconian document" and the list of what is banned is not a black-and-white (you should pardon the pun) as implied above.
Whilst (for instance) you should "not identify people by race or religion" this is unless such ID is integral to the story.

However I do find two things worrying:
Fistly, the implementation of the guidance. It may well be such that (despite the document's warning against this) "timidity" in reporting "ethnic" stories takes place and the document is used by those frightened of "upsetting" minority groups (except working class whites of course) as a cover for failure to report accurately.
Second:the exposure "racists". My worry here is that it will be only white racists who are exposed due to the illogical underlying assumption that only whites can be racist.
So for instance: If I call a muslim a "pig" I'm being racist, but if he calls me "Lower than a pig or dog" then that's religious freedom (since I'm of white European Jewish descent).

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