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January 16, 2010



Do you know that the only people who you have not wished dead are etheopians, africans, chinese, and japanes people?


This is news? Get used to it. What do you expect from fucking savages? Sick bastards.
I served in the Middle East. There is a line, a joke, sort of, but TRUE.
In Muslim society, women are for babies, men are for pleasure. No kidding. And it shows. And sex with animals is prevalant in Muslim countries. Filthy, perverse, sickening assholes. Wake up, Europe, and get this trash out while you still can.


if i were runnig this country there would be a hole where you all live now and the us would own your oil and give the money 2 the poor in this world that really need help. keep it up americans won't keep putting up with this!!!!!!!


bastards...muzzie ladies give birth to these fucking jihadi pigs...bastards..fuck you muzzies...

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