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December 13, 2009



this makes me even more disgusted to be british. whats worse is that neither of the two main parties are any different. at this rate, by the time enough people vote for 'minor' parties we will be a minority.

john in cheshire

I despair at the apparent evil being perpetrated against us by those who were elected to protect us. It isn't so long ago that virtually no one in the UK had even heard of sharia, and now we are being told it is a natural consequence of multiculturism. The truth is that islam and its satanic constraints on human development are anathema to the indigenous people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland. If there was any sanity in the world, we would wake from our stupor and drive the devil-worshipers from our shores, together with the anti-Christian socialists who brought them here in the first place.

Devlin se Draak

Once again, for a country that once proudly sang that Britons "never would be slaves"... well, if you aren't slaves, at least you're keeping quite while they shove islam up your bum.

What has happened to the people who Whupped the Germans two times in a Germans, why give in to the moslems without a fight?

Devlin se Draak

That lasts paragraph SHOULD have read

What has happened to the people who Whupped the Germans two times in a CENTURY, why give into the moslems without a fight?

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