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December 17, 2009


pat murphy

What she needed was electric windows so she could trap the arm of the attacker on drag his ass to death


What is needed are media outlets to report incidents like this to shame the 'culture' as a predominately hostile creed founded by an even more hostile person to bring his ideology and character into rightful disrepute. The prophet of islam was a scumbag...

Lemac the cameL

Time to ban izlam

pissed off american

This makes me so pissed off! I would like to see someone just shoot these fuckers in street! You Brits better do something quick!

Devlin se Draak

They come unbidden, deplete your social services, get put to the top of the list for housing, get preference in hiring and now they DISGRACE your women.

Britain, arise!

Britain should be for THE BRITISH! (Hence the name)


Very soon the muslims will make their move..
Im sorry forget about banning islamic immigration

I would begin to prepare all ture patriots for WAR..


Shame on you Brits for allowing these dirty Scumbags to dominate you...

T. Varadaraj

Why does the article refer to them as "asian" and not "muslim"? Non-muslim asians don't have a chip on their shoulders, have no ideological quarrel with British society and go about their business with the minimum of fuss. This article does a disservice to them.


Get off your goddam knees Britons, and vote BNP.

billie nellie

Britain you must remember this.
He who hesitates is lost.
You folks had better stop hesitating

AntiIslam American

Britain, what has happened to you??? How can you allow these things to go on and on and on? Those muslims continue to assault your men and rape your women and girls and STILL you coddle them! What happened to the Britain of the WW2 years? FIGHT THESE MUSLIM CRIMINALS AT EVERY TURN! When you sweep these crimes under the rug, it just emboldens these beasts to continue their war against you! I agree with what was posted: GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES! If not, prepare to prostrate yourselves before your muslim masters.

david wright

If you complain or raise any concerns in Britain, you are branded a racist and likely to be prosecuted for hate or thought crimes.
The British government is in bed with the Muslims.
You need to check the latest Equality Act. This document cannot be misinterpreted any other way, except to confirm that the English white male is now of second class status in their own country.

1st Class Geezer but 2nd Class Citizen

Awesome and unbelievable piece of legislation against it's own people by the traitorous British government. The day approaches when the British will be forced to take positive action.
Roll on the British National Party.

Dianne Wagner

That is absolutely outrageous! Something like that should never happen. I really feel badly for the young lady! I also feel sorry for the men who did this evil act. They don't have salvation because they haven't accepted the one Atonement that God provided. They think that if their good deeds OUTWEIGH their bad deeds, they will go to heaven. The trouble is; people don't HAVE good deeds! The Bible says that our righteousness is filthy rags. If they are honest with themselves, they will realize that they have NO ASSURANCE of salvation. Why? They haven't accepted the one provision that God provided for our salvation. Only REAL Christians have that assurance too, and there are lots of supposedly "Christian" religions out there that claim to be Christian. A good test is whether a person KNOWS that they ARE SAVED. If they don't, it's a sure thing that they aren't. And Muslims aren't saved. I feel bad for ALL the people in the false religions. :(

Bill Gibbons

Pissed off American - Brits are to beaten down to do anything about attacks like this. They have been silenced and handcuffed by political correctness and the destruction of the British way of life by the Labour (Marxist) government. This is why I moved to Canada. Here I CAN defend myself. Here I CAN own a gun. Here I CAN use whatever force is necessary up to and including deadly force to defend my home and family. If any one of those creeps tried to hijack me while I'm in my car, they will get a face full of bear spray. Pepper spray is a prohibited weapon here (pathetic, I know), but bear spray ain't. I keep it in the car for use against "unleashed dogs" (snigger) but I CAN use it to teach any would be mugger a lesson.

I urge my fellow Brits to vote for the BNP and send the politicians a message - We're not putting up with your cowardice any more!


will people stop calling these degenerates animals that is a grave injustice to animals these fuckers are slime the shit you wipe of your shoes

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